ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-02-07 #!/bin/sh set -ex;mkdir -p blah;python -c "import os;os.chdir('blah') with open('../$0', 'r') as f: for day in'\n\n\n'): if day.split('\n')[0] == '#!/bin/sh': prefix='\n'.join(day.split('\n')[day.split('\n').index( 'exit 0')+1:])+'\n';continue elif day.split('\n')[0][:4] == '<!--': suffix=day;continue with open(day.split('\n')[0]+'.html', 'x') as g: g.write(prefix+day+'\n'+suffix) ";cd blah;for f in *.html;do #in glob we trust test -z "$last" || sed -i "s,_NAVIGATION_,$nav<A HREF=\"$f\">\></A></P>," \ "$last";nav="<P>";test -z "$last"||nav="$nav<A HREF=\"$last\">\<</A>" nav="$nav<A HREF=\"index.html\">^</A>";last="$f";done sed -i "s,_NAVIGATION_,$nav</P>," "$last";for f in *.html;do #e unibus puellam fi="$(echo "$f" | cut -d . -f 1)";test "$fi" = "index" && continue printf '<A HREF="/blah/%s.html">%s</A>\n' "$fi" "$fi"; done|sort -r|\ sed -e "1i<!DOCTYPE html><HTML><HEAD><TITLE>blah</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><PRE>\ <A HREF="..">..</A>" -e '$a</PRE></BODY></HTML>'>index.html exit 0 That's the source code to this blog, in its entirety. My writing process was simple: - write the beginning and initial Python portion - pass out - wake up at 0600 not knowing who or where I am - see this code and continue it - pass out again - wake up at 1700 knowing who but not where I am - write most of the rest - pass out again - wake up half an hour later, finish It's organized in sections though it doesn't appear to be organized whatsoever: #!/bin/sh set -ex mkdir -p blah python -c " import os os.chdir('blah') with open('../$0', 'r') as f: for day in'\n\n\n'): if day.split('\n')[0] == '#!/bin/sh': prefix = '\n'.join( day.split('\n')[ day.split('\n').index('exit 0')+1: ] ) + '\n' continue elif day.split('\n')[0][:4] == '<!--': suffix = day continue with open(day.split('\n')[0]+'.html', 'x') as g: g.write(prefix + day + '\n' + suffix) " This splits the blog into days, where each day is delimited by three newlines. Every day is two lines apart. A day that starts with the POSIX shell shebang is the /prefix/, which is prepended to each day. It cuts off everything until after "exit 0", the end of the script, and after that is the actual HTML prefix to each blah page. A day that starts as an HTML comment is the /suffix/, appended to each day. This obligates an HTML comment at the end of each post, the same comment, so I just made it something sort of interesting yet sort of bog standard. I explained this poorly but I spread the code out so it's a little easier to read, I think it's pretty simple. /main/blog, you can see how it's laid out. Each day, prefixed and suffixed, is output as its own [day].html to the created blah/ directory. Next: cd blah for f in *.html do test -z "$last" || sed -i \ -e "s,_NAVIGATION_,$nav<A HREF=\"$f\">\></A></P>," "$last" nav="<P>" test -z "$last" \ || nav="$nav<A HREF=\"$last\">\<</A>" nav="$nav<A HREF=\"index.html\">^</A>" last="$f" done sed -i "s,_NAVIGATION_,$nav</P>," "$last" This replaces _NAVIGATION_ with an actual navigation bar. The actual string has two underscores before and after NAVIGATION but this blog is held together with shoelaces and bubble gum and I don't wanna fuck around and find out. I don't know how this works, I let my fingers handle the flow. (The secret is that I just run it in my head and adjust the beginnings and ends until it runs in my head for two times correctly. Then as long as state doesn't drift it's all good. This is fucky and I don't know how to explain it and I don't really know how it all goes about but you can do really complex but really really tight program flow just by vibing against it and letting your fingers tap tap tap, yknow?) Next: for f in *.html do fi="$(echo "$f" | cut -d . -f 1)" test "$fi" = "index" \ && continue printf '<A HREF="/blah/%s.html">%s</A>\n' "$fi" "$fi" done \ | sort -r \ | sed \ -e "1i\ <!DOCTYPE html>blah
.." \
			-e '$a
' \ > index.html exit 0 This takes all the files in blah/, builds an index, adds a prefix and suffix to the stream, and outputs it all to blah/index.html in one go. This is the simplest part of the script and I was worried it would be hard but it wasn't really, it just required a little bit of embracing of UNIX piping. ["Streambreak"]: After experiencing a genocide, Ada Karina time travels back to the past to prevent it from happening. However things start diverging from plan when a soup-fueled arsonist grows from nuisance to idol to geopolitical disaster. ["Antero"]: Tales from a future dystopia where the very formation of memories is outlawed. ["Sponge"]: Olive Edgerton is an employee at an impossibly popular burger joint, where every ingredient is grown or produced in-house. ["Saikokon"]: After an apocalypse, the last survivor is selected as an exhibit at Saikokon, a conference for psychic time travelers. ["Pasture"]: Tales from after the end of the world. <^>
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