Deven Trinity Blake
ديفين بلايك

Most people call me Trinity and use she/her or genderless pronouns to refer to me. I won't get offended if you use he/him but I'll probably be a bit confused.

You can usually find me in the middle or on the wall of the mosh pit.

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Services I'm on include All Things Weezer as deven; ArchWiki as deven; Bandcamp as devenblake; CodeWalrus as deven; CMRO as trinity; Discord as trinity#3756; GitHub as devenblake; as devenblake; as trn1ty; IRC as trinity; Matrix as; Reddit as u/devenblake; Soundcloud as devenblake; Sourcehut as trinity; SpaceHey as dtb; Substack as trn1ty; TikTok as trn1ty; and Wikipedia as DTB.

(I also have an IRC server (mirrored to Discord))

The only thing I consistently check is my e-mail, trinity at this domain. I'll reply from a different and possibly temporary address.

frequently asked questions

updated 2022-10-23

I messaged you on [platform] and you didn't respond. Why is that?

Because you didn't e-mail me, because I didn't receive your e-mail, or because your e-mail resembled spam.

Should I call you by your first or middle name?

I can usually tell how well someone knows me (between "by a name on a paper" or "by an introduction") by what name they use for me. I prefer to be referred to as Trinity.

TLS? But I still browse this site with Internet Explorer 1!

All bad things must come to an end. Sourchut Pages forces TLS. It's not my choice but it's an alright one and I'm happy to be on a platform whose principles are ones with which I can agree.


ism - A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory. (From the American Heritage(R) Dictionary of the English Language, 5th ed, according to Wordnik.)

Trinitisms are decrees I make or terms I coin with no necessary reason. Or terms I use often that people don't know. Some I coined, some I didn't; when in doubt, assume I didn't.

Trinitism when not used as a proper noun can refer to any given person's own trinitisms.

curl | sudo sh

Praise me more.

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