HTTP/S? Is the world ending?

Hi, I'm Deven Trinity Blake. I'm just your normal everyday nerd.

transcriptions of my name include:
ديفين بلايك
バレイク デビン (BLAKE Deven)

To correctly refer to me you may use she/her, they/them, or any genderless pronoun set you prefer to use. If this confuses you just say things like "they walked", or "I saw them walking". I won't get offended if you use he/him but I'll probably be a bit confused.

This website is the compiled output of an m4 project. See something wrong? Contact me.

The canonical URL for this page is You can also use the lengthened URL if need be, and should redirect here but is broken.

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You can contact me at...

trinity AT this domain

I will reply from a different address.

Services I'm on include...

All Things Weezer, deven; ArchWiki, deven; Bandcamp, devenblake; CodeWalrus, deven; CMRO, trinity; Discord, trinity#3756; GitHub, devenblake;, devenblake;, trn1ty; IRC, trinity; Matrix,; Reddit, u/devenblake; Soundcloud, devenblake; Sourcehut, trinity; SpaceHey, dtb; Substack, trn1ty; TikTok, trn1ty; Wikipedia, DTB

(I also have an IRC server (mirrored to Discord))

None of these are guaranteed to still be on-line and italicized entries are ones I rarely use. I would prefer you simply e-mail me.

Praise for's bold approach to the web

Praise me more.

Browser extensions I use

updated 2022-08-30

These are browser extensions I usually install and use. These are Mozilla Firefox extensions that work in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox. If you use Google Chrome, please stop.

Other Art

What I'm doing right now

updated 2022-08-30

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frequently asked questions

updated 2022-08-30

I messaged you on [platform] and you didn't respond. Why is that?

I'm not active on many platforms and the ones on which I am active tend to glitch out because I always have weird device setups. If you need to get in touch with me I highly encourage you to contact me via SMTP at the addresses on the site index. Unless you opened with something really weird, had I seen your message, I would have responded.

Why "Trinity"? Don't you go by Deven?

I go by both. What do you think the T in DTB stood for? I mostly use "Deven Blake" in formal contexts.

TLS? But I still browse this site with Internet Explorer 1!

All bad things must come to an end. Sourchut Pages forces TLS. It's not my choice but it's an alright one and I'm happy to be on a platform whose principles are ones with which I can agree.

This change in hosting has also put fuel in the fire that's burned /devenzone, /stickers, and much of /css. These are all pages that heavily relied on third-party resources, which Sourcehut forbids. This is no great loss and these pages won't be missed.


updated 2022-08-30

Amazon links listed are not tracker links nor affiliate links. Italicized entries are items I used to carry but don't anymore.



ism - A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory. (From the American Heritage(R) Dictionary of the English Language, 5th ed, according to Wordnik.)

Trinitisms are decrees I make or terms I coin with no necessary reason. Or terms I use often that people don't know. Some I coined, some I didn't; when in doubt, assume I didn't.

Trinitism when not used as a proper noun can refer to any given person's own trinitisms.

Play the Zelda theme song in your terminal

curl | sudo sh

Site privacy policy

updated 2022-08-30

This site is registered through Namecheap and uses Cloudflare's DNS service. Hosting is done through Sourcehut Pages which I can wholeheartedly recommend. There's no sort of telemetry or analytics on this web site, nor anything expected from those that access the site (besides that you follow 18 U.S. Code § 1030).

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This site is written in vim and tested in the latest Firefox. No rights reserved, all rights exercised, rights turned to lefts, left in this corner of the web.