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These are bookmarks I had stored in my browser. Now that I have so many, I'm keeping them in a friendlier hypertext document. Of course, Firefox already has a very nice bookmarks export feature, which is human readable as-is, but I'd like to make them as portable as possible and I think parsing this document as it is won't be too impossible for me to figure out programatically.

There are some very, very interesting things in all of these hyperlinks. I don't know if anyone else will ever use this page but to any travelers coming across this tome - have fun. Also, the category descriptions are very vague.

I had to take some personal stuff out of here, which sucks, because now I have a massive HTML doc and still have to have a bookmarks bar. Oh well.

Because we can't have nice things, I'm sure somebody will probably send me a DMCA for a link here. I'd like to first say - DMCA the actual site, not my link. Moron. Then - you can use the contact information on the root of the site to contact me. I'll get back to you within 24 hours or so. If I don't, escalate the issue to the host of this site (this can also be found on the site root).