ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



Today's Thanksgiving in the United States which historically is a holiday of
some sort that I learned about in school and soon forgot because I didn't get
it. The day's significant to me as a day where usually I can find a good bite
to eat for cheap (though this is my first Thanksgiving vegan) and as a day on
which I am reminded how thankful I am for life as it is right now.

I'm thankful for the ceiling above my head and the couch under my feet. The
walls around the room. The warmth. I'm thankful for the people with which I'm
staying allowing me to be here and I'm thankful for their friendship. One I've
known a couple years but it might as well be forever and they've been there for
me however they could when times were dire and all else was far away, despite
us not being super close super often. The other I knew in passing and now I get
to interact with them in person and they're even cooler than I thought they
were from seeing their stuff on-line. I'm thankful to them for allowing me to
stay here, and thankful to them for being friends of mine, and thankful to them
for what they contribute to the world in kindness in general.

I'm thankful for my backpack and what's in it. I have a number of niceties I
could do without, including the laptop on which I'm typing this, and I'm glad I
have these luxuries and for my luck in this. I'm thankful for my luck in
general. There are many who cannot be inside today. Restaurants close on
Thanksgiving and I worry for those who usually refuge with coffee and their
belongings at tables in the darker areas of dining rooms. It's cold outside.
I'm thankful for the food in my belly and the clothes on my back, especially
for how good the food is here and how clean the clothes are that I'm wearing.
I'm thankful for the shirt I'm wearing which was given to me by Usagichan and
I'm thankful for Usagichan's friendship. I'm thankful for my gym pants I use as
pajamas which were given to me by one of the people who let me stay here. I'm
thankful to my employers - there will be three to consider this tax season -
for the wages with which I provide myself the things I need. I'm thankful for
dry socks and showers and being able to sleep in one layer of clothing.

I'm thankful for my girlfriend and its putting up with my distance, not just my
physical distance but my emotional distance. I don't have the words to express
how much I am thankful for it and I am still as amazed by everything it does as
when we first met. I'm thankful for the lessons partners of the past and recent
past have taught me. I'm thankful for the love that is given to me and has

I'm thankful for my sidekick, my roommates' families, my old friends and future

I'm thankful for the contributors to the free software I use. Bastien Dejean
for bspwm, q66 for Chimera Linux, Torvalds for Linux, the thousands of
contributors to the bigger projects, particularly Firefox, Xorg, GrapheneOS.
Emma Tebibyte, Marceline Cramer, and Sasha Koshka are people I talk to on-line
and who make programs I use, and I'm thankful for them.

I would not be the person I am today without the generosity of others and I am
humbled by the ease with which good people do amazing things for the world.


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