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$ ldconfig -p

Oh, right. Hm. > contents > "ldconfig"
ldconfig belongs to apk:musl-progs.
# apk fix musl-progs
(1/1) Reinstalling musl-progs (1.2.4-r4)
OK: 2623 MiB in 982 packages
# ls -l $(which ldconfig)
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root  root  4 Nov  2 09:48 /bin/ldconfig -> true


# unlink /bin/ldconfig
# ls -l $(which ldconfig)
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root  root  4 Nov  2 09:49 /bin/ldconfig -> true

Uh. I guess I'll ask OFTC#chimera-linux.

This being caused by a system upgrade would explain the initial timestamp of
yesterday at 1700, when probably I ran `# apk -U upgrade` out of habit. I can't
find much on the package browser or anything so I guess I'll just wait for
somepony to get back to me on IRC.

[09:52] sanchan: hey how come ldconfig is linked to true by musl-progs?
[09:53] sanchan: i think this happened after a recent update. i'm on aarch64
                 but a $ unlink /bin/ldconfig; doas apk fix musl-progs re-links
[10:17] q66:     it's supposed to be, what else would it be
[10:18] q66:     it always was too
[10:46] sanchan: i'm trying to get some rust stuff working and cargo is failing
                 to compile a C dependency for lack of -lgcc_s
[10:46] sanchan: i installed gcc-chimera or whatever it's called but still no
[10:47] q66:     okay
[10:48] sanchan: ,/lib/ exists so it seems like an ldconfig issue,
                 online troubleshooting said ldconfig -p might tell me what's
                 going on
[10:49] sanchan: this isn't my area of expertise
[10:49] q66:     i don't understand how you get to that conclusion
[10:49] q66:     ldconfig isn't a thing with musl
[10:49] q66:     libgcc_s isn't a thing with compiler-rt
[10:49] sanchan: blindly following troubleshooting guides
[10:49] sanchan: i see
[10:51] q66:     glibc has a dynamic linker cache for library lookups, ldconfig
                 controls that cache
[10:51] q66:     musl doesn't have a cache
[10:52] q66:     that's why ldconfig is a symlink to true
[10:52] q66:     so that when something hardcodes calling it, it's a noop
[10:54] sanchan: interesting
[10:55] sanchan: cargo must just not be checking the right dirs or something.
                 i'll play around with it
[10:55] sanchan: thank you!
[10:55] q66:     <@q66> libgcc_s isn't a thing with compiler_rt
[10:55] q66:     something hardcoding lgcc_s is wrong
[10:55] q66:     it shouldn't be doing that

The Chimera Linux IRC channel is really valuable for figuring out system
weirdness but I always feel weird bugging the Professionals^TM for my awful
computer issues.

Rust tickles my brain so I'm gonna work on that instead of this.
Rust says: Package openssl was not found in the pkg-config search path.
I say: # apk add openssl-devel
And so it worked.

Rust says: = note: ld: error: unable to find library -lgcc_s
I say: Shit.

Okay, so this is an ld error (actually an error in that -lgcc_s shouldn't be
required but whatever).

fn jasima_get() -> Result {
    if let Ok(val) = if let Ok(val) = reqwest::blocking::get(jasima_remote()) {
            let file = File::create(jasima_local());
        } else if let Ok(val) = read_to_string(jasima_local()) {
        } else {
        } {
    } else {

MARS: That should compile, but also, what the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm never going back to C.

Marcie checked out my cargo stuff and said "Hmm. Wack" or the equivalent dog

Burgered king; regiphagia.

Beat Mars at 2048. I feel accomplished. Also I got a job today.

I am just sort of here. I don't live here or anywhere else or anywhere in
particular and just come with my hosts when they do cool stuff and chip in
however I can in terms of housework or finances. This is a really pleasing
existence but I can't help thinking I can and should be doing more.

$ ld -L/usr/lib -lgcc_s
ld: error: unable to find library -lgcc_s
>A quick hack is to symlink to
# ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
# ^D
$ ld -L/usr/lib -lgcc_s
ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; not setting start address

You're fucking shitting me.

We're all just chilling in Samsara.


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