ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



Someone killed a couple dozen people in my hometown a week or two after I left.
They did it with an assault rifle and went to the bowling alley where in my
childhood I attended birthday parties and a bar or something near a place at
which I used to work.

My gut reaction is very callous because I was treated very poorly in this
hometown. I and many of my friends were harrassed by the police that are now
being lauded for their unsuccessful work on finding the perpetrator of this
mass killing who fled or possibly committed suicide. On one of the streets on
which innocent people were shot en mass I was chased out of tree cover under
which I was sleeping by someone who yelled at me that they were going to kill
me because I was homeless. I know more people than were killed who died from
lack of resources and lack of help in the same town who were equally innocent.
I feel for the residents of Lewiston, Maine. I feel for the families and
friends of those who lost their lives and I am sad for those who died. But
rather than draw attention to the mental health crisis and resulting drug
crisis in Maine and helping those who are needy and suffering this slaughter
which is unprecedented in Maine history will likely be used to argue for
stricter gun laws in a refreshingly free state, and I find that really
unfortunate. However I will not ever return to Lewiston, Maine, ever, for any
reason. Once I'm established here I'm going to make a fake background and
forget I ever came from Maine. I want to never again be associated with the
place that bore me. I say this as a Mainer and as a Mainer this will be my last

I'm finding employment here, far away from Maine, and I have found a happiness
I have never known and didn't know existed. I am now of here and here is


[1307] trinity: mountain far   above
                  rising against  the sun's fall
                tell me  where it's home


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