ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



everything sucks so fucking hard

So. Roommates got evicted. Seeing the writing on the wall I packed my shit up
and left. Now that my repack's done I am now comfortably contained in a
backpack with strapped on sleeping bag and scooter on my shoulder. Where to go
next, though, was complicated.

2023-09-26 I got out of work and went back to my roommates. They were squatting
and for lack of space elsewhere I slept in the kitchen in my clothes and jacket
next to the litter box. The cats kept staring at me. It smelled like shit and
piss and the cats would paw at the litter to toss it on me. I got an hour of
sleep and went to work early.

2023-09-27 I got out of work and scooted up the street to a Dollar Tree around
which I scooted and found a nice clear area behind a railing next to a parking
lot. At work I had debated leaving the scooter. It's weight and something else
to carry. Eventually I just brought it though and it lay next to me in the

I laid out my sleeping bag, opened a book on my tablet, and silently and
comfortably if a little bit chilly read Hulk comics until I heard a distant

You mother fuck!

I looked up but I couldn't see the source.

Get out of here!

Perhaps it was voices. Perhaps it was a trick of the air. I laid back down. I
was wearing all black and my bivy was green against the olive brush. They
couldn't see me.

I see you out there! If you're still there I'm going to fucking kill you!

Night had by this time fallen. I sat up and got out my telescope.

At work I had also considered leaving it behind.

Two camoflouged cameras against the walls and two doors. The second one opened
and then closed. I was visible and I had probably been made. I began to pack my
stuff, quickly. Then the SUV arrived. Black, big, and it circled the parking
lot like a cat about to pounce on me. It's at this point I strap my sleeping
bag on halfway and with a glance at my former spot I got on my scooter and
sped. It started following me.

I scooted for a cliff, jumped off my scooter and jumped down onto the wet grass
sliding to a stop. I took the time to strap the rest of my sleeping bag on and
then from that ledge jumped down and scooted down a side street. Left. Right.
Left. Right. Left onto Lisbon St and eventually I was back at work.

[10:46 PM] trinity: outran an suv on a kick scooter
[10:46 PM] trinity: i am so swag
[11:03 PM] [..1]: i read that in your voice and it made me smile
[11:05 PM] [..2]: gayass

I was huffing and puffing and tuned my UV-5R to the county dispatch but there
was nothing, city dispatch is encrypted and I don't wanna bother figuring it
out so I assume whoever was after me was not police.


post meta coital meta cigarette
pixelated bodies having meta sex
meta kids meta hacking both our meta eyes
peeping meta Toms in the same meta lie


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