ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



My paycheck was $548.

no tape assembly
easy carry handles with lift off lid
strong, double wall construction

no tape
we're sticky ourselves
while our words bounce off your skin
they reflect and cut into our shells
so many razor blades in my back
i look like i lost a saw trap
easy carry so easy to get carried away
last time i was told to make them get the message
they almost got carried away on a stretcher
bury a stray
bullet in your heart and lift off the lid
see the lead beat with your organs
warm metal surgery

the wall is textured like the painter didn't care
because he didn't
your wallet's empty like your broke ass didn't work
because you didn't
bitch keep walking
bitch keep walking
butterfly knife in my right hip pocket
button quietly pops a scooter handle off it
and i have an EMP just in case shit gets rough
you never know what could happen getting groceries
times is tough
bitch keep walking

AC hum

a hostess apple pie gets eaten in a rush
"become ungovernable" bitch that's us
sisyphus in zeno's paradox only rolls up
twenty million sisyphuses surrounding the top
any rookie with a boulder is a threat
sell space at the zenith make amateurs pay rent
get defenestrated by straight finesse
another has been for the history texts
and yet
the only ones with the truth
are the ones who can't use it
or the ones who are useless
or the ones who have interests so vested
they can't wrestle their mind away. they lose it
to multibillion dollar trademarked facelessness
empathy's a weapon and capital can't stop testing it
and your heaven sent neolib is already in the dem trenches
"thank bernie for giving the overton window to leftists"
puppet parrot puppy left it for lobby dollar moral debting

i've been having car troubles     bang bang
from the engine keeps me up       bang bang
in the streets keeps me up        bang bang
when i find my crew slacking      bang bang
knock at the door, classy         bang bang
bitch too loud, so i slap him     bang bang
in the head disrespecting me      bang bang
in the head dissecting me         bang bang
in the head expecting me          bang bang
in a bitch's head for testing me  bang bang
and i'm home and in bed and free  bang bang
the metal arm strikes the bell    bang bang
shoes hit doorstep on the way out bang bang
get in and start the car          bang bang


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