ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



[10:33PM] trinity: i like puzzling out timeframes. the more the past makes
                   sense the more the present does

I'm twenty years old. Two decades old. No longer teenage by any stretch of the

Dear future self -
	you better be kicking as much fucking ass as I have kicked and am
	presently kicking. We have a reputation to keep.

I was hoping to have a book published by the time I turned 20. I think I tossed
the manuscript. The plot was meandering and while it was serviceable I think
I'm just gonna write something else.

My paycheck last Friday was $555.28.

I read Tank Girl and liked it. Tank Girl 2 I liked less but liked a whole lot
more high than sober. Chronologically the next one is the movie novelization
but it's a little harder to find for download and my texts SD card shattered
due to high stress (I get it).

We arrived at the Orlando Greyhound station, kissed, and I went inside to
double check whether my bus was there yet. They had a different time listed for
my bus than what I had on my ticket so I went to the information desk for help.
They said I needed to jet over to the address on my ticket, which, rather than
the place at which I had been dropped off, that place, which I had foolishly
assumed was the same place I should depart, was a small bus tours business in
an Asian marketplace. So we went over there.

The car ride took a bit and it was stressed about me missing my bus. I was
stressed too but pretended not to be. I asked if I could get my ticket
rescheduled and the clerk told me in broken English I should catch the bus at
the station we had just left. I said it would be impossible to catch the bus
because it had left by the time we got to Atlanta Bus Tours and the clerk said
that was a real shame because I couldn't reschedule my ticket or get a refund,
but that I should check the Greyhound website. The website was barren except a
cancellation page that errored on my ticket number.

However before determining I was stranded in Orlando Florida I, heroically,
told my girlfriend it could drop me off and I would Figure It Out. I am averse
to asking for help, severely and perhaps it is terminal without intervention.
But then I would have to bother someone to intervene. I slept that night under
a palm tree across from an abandoned Magic Outlet Mall. I thought this was a
franchise but looking it up it is in fact the one and only Magic Outlet Mall.
The reviews are good.

The original plan for Orlando was to spend my time browsing the city and visit
a friend in the area (now girlfriend) and the plan slowly morphed into spending
most of the week in a bed and being really well rested. It felt really good to
be well rested, actually. My head was clear. The plan was originally to sleep
in forgotten areas of Orlando but I couldn't have imagined how sparse the city
is. Cities should be dense, naturally developed, zoned curiously and built
vertically where space was no longer available otherwise. Orlando is the
opposite. My time in Florida was the best week of my life despite all of this.

Spotify Playlist: florida
Billy Knows Jamie       	100 gecs
Kiss My Own Dick        	David Shawty, Yungster Jack
dui                     	estelle allen
CREEP U                 	Black Dresses
Tell Me Your Secret     	death's dynamic shroud
γ†γšγΎγ                	Machine Girl
I Slept With Someone in Fall	Fall Out Boy
Out Boy And All I Got Was This
Stupid Song Written About Me
Somebody's Watching Me  	Rockwell
Revenge                 	Captainsparklez, Tryhardninja
N95                     	Kendrick Lamar
Nightcall               	Kavinsky
Cops and robbers        	underscores
Loansharks              	underscores
Old money bitch         	underscores


[ 8:53 AM] trinity: fuck plato
[ 8:53 AM] trinity: plato would fuck a mcchicken and say hey guys look i had sex
[ 8:55 AM] trinity: stupid motherfucker


[12:33 AM] [...]:   wgat
[12:33 AM] [...]:   what
[12:33 AM] [...]:   real
[ 9:05 PM] trinity: full moon. spooky
[ 9:05 PM] trinity: why was i so angry at plato
[ 9:05 PM] trinity: i think i wrote that at a wendys
[ 9:05 PM] trinity: wendys seasoned potatoes sorta fuck
[ 9:19 PM] [...]:   cause plato sux



Lbl A

//Main loop
Lbl B
Disp D,"              TO",E,"","YOUR GUESS?
Input "> ",C
If C=B
Disp "CORRECT","
//Seperate IFs so as to avoid memory leakage
If C=B
Goto A
If C<B
 Disp "TOO LOW
 If C>D
If C>B
 If C<E
If A<1
Goto B


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