ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



The Ballad of Sean and Josh
	Sean is forty eight
	Josh was twenty that
	when Sean took Josh away
	from the closet in the flat
	where Josh had made his home
	what home among the smack
	and Sean lived with his ma
	and Josh would live alone
	in Sean's house room he lay
	and Josh would stay alone
	but then he said hello
	to Sean in Sean's room
	they learned about each one's
	life in the dirty Lew
	and Josh hadn't too much
	and Sean had much to do
	in Sean's big old house
	Sean's Josh there could have grew
	When Sean's ma passed away
	in those hospital sheets
	the world shut down the same
	day Josh and Sean would grieve
	and then the money dried up
	and so did the sinks
	and so did the savings
	and so did their things
	apartment to apartment
	while Sean worked at Burger King
	then an eviction was sent
	and Sean and Josh moved in
	to Sean's car.
	And Josh didn't work and Sean said that it was fine
	but Sean was working and conversing
	and trying to get scheduled overtime
	and Josh would smoke all of Sean's weed
	and barely chip in from the check
	the state sent him every month
	because Josh's mom knew the system
	and Sean could barely survive
	his ankles swelled to tree trunk size
	and Josh didn't take a job on his endless break
	sleeping in Sean's car passenger side
	and Sean cared deeply for his quote-friend
	unquote because Sean didn't want Josh
	to go sleep at a homeless shelter
	in case he'd get stuff stolen from his cot
	and Josh just bitched and complained
	about the situation at hand and didn't take a fucking job
	and sat there watching Tubi on his data plan
	and all while Sean could barely stand!
	And ten years was a hell of a sunk cost
	but Sean didn't take out all this trash
	because a human is a human
	Josh had a soul, the two had a past
	Josh is thirty eight
	and now I'm sleeping on Sean's floor
	and across from Sean's empty doorway
	is Josh's dirty door
	I'm twice Josh's age
	take twice Josh's pay a week
	because he won't take any hours
	he just stays at home and sleeps.
	The man is able bodied, heck
	you should see him smoke a pack
	of cigs he bought with Sean's new paycheck
	and for which he forgot to pay Sean back
	Don't give a mouse a cookie
	or give a rat a joint
	because Josh got a new girlfriend
	and might move 'cause of his groin.

Based on a true story.

I've gotta get out of Lewiston I've gotta get out of Lewiston I've gotta get ou

the songs i softly sing myself
as i'm beaten so blue
are the songs i wish i sang myself
instead of playing them for you
we have come so far apart
like cotton balls unfurled
piece component piece a part
each scattered across the world


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