ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH THE CHINESE PEOPLE
You:	hey hows it going
Stranger:	hi good
Stranger:	m20
You:	f19
You:	not looking for anything freaky though. just wanted to talk to
	another human being
Stranger:	fr
You:	i tried calling all my friends but nobody answered and aside
	from the 3 people i don't know anyone else
Stranger:	dang
You:	down bad i guess
Stranger:	just got my braces today because i never got them when i was
You:	howd that go
Stranger:	they kinda hurt
You:	do they still hurt or just when they put them in
Stranger:	still hurt
You:	ouch
You:	got my wisdom teeth out last month. hurt like hell. teeth suck
Stranger:	yeah
You:	what time zone are you in. im est
Stranger:	mountains
You:	oh neat two of my friends are from colorado
You:	8pm. did you eat supper
Stranger:	no
You:	are you going to
Stranger:	soon
Stranger	normally around nine
You:	i usually have dinner around 6, tonight it was 7 because i was busy
Stranger:	cool im get going bye
You:	have a good night man. take care
Stranger:	you to
Stranger has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH THE CHINESE PEOPLE
Stranger:	Hii
Stranger:	M
You:	hey hows it going
You:	f
Stranger:	Good
You:	not looking for anything freaky though just to chat
Stranger:	Okay 🤣
You:	what time zone are you in. hows your day/night going
Stranger:	India
Stranger:	It's morning 7:40
You:	ah i figured somewhere around there but i didn't think it'd be between
	hours off utc, figured something:10
You:	because hong kong is 12 ahead of me or 10am. neat
You:	hows your morning going
You:	have you had breakfast?
Stranger:	Not yet
You:	i'm in est. new york time, 10pm
Stranger:	Still on bed
Stranger:	Ohh 🆒
You:	you should get up and at em. early to bed early to rise keeps you
	healthy wealthy and wise
Stranger:	Yeah I know but I can't
Stranger:	Lazy body
You:	that's too bad
Stranger:	Yeah I need to change
You:	i feel the same way though. unemployed for almost a week now and lately
	i've been staying in bed nearly all day
Stranger:	Same situation 😔
Stranger:	Recently I have completed my internship
You:	where was it? or if you can't say, what field
Stranger:	It's in software side
Stranger:	U know Cognizant
You:	not really. i think i might have heard the name. but i don't do a lot of
	computer stuff
You:	how was the internship? was it fun? did you learn a lot?
Stranger:	Ohh
Stranger:	I learn some technologies
Stranger:	Yeah it was fun
Stranger:	Overall it's good
You:	did you see if you could get a job there now that you're done your
Stranger:	I just graduated this year
Stranger:	I got job there but waiting for joining
Stranger:	No projects in software companies
Stranger:	Right now ression is going on
You:	oh
You:	i would stay in bed a little bit too if i were you
Stranger:	Yeah 🤣
You:	it's cool that you have tech jobs nearby though. i got a couple
	certifications in information technology but there just aren't jobs for
	it where i live, available or unavailable. it's just farms and kitchen
Stranger:	Ohh don't worry
Stranger:	Try again
You:	i've just been applying to work in kitchens. i have the past two years
	or so and it's been fine. now i program as a hobby and it's more fun
	though i learn a lot slower
Stranger:	Ohh
Stranger:	Which language do u program
You:	don't be like me. computer jobs are higher paying. stick it out until
	that position opens up at cognizant. i can barely afford food
You:	i like C and UNIX sh (bash)
Stranger:	Ohh
Stranger:	Try javascript or java
Stranger:	U r in basics right now
Stranger:	Try to learn some frameworks
You:	it's hard for me to wrap my head around OOP. i prefer just lower level
	bit by bit stuff
You:	the programs i write could work on an 80s computer, work on my 2020s
	computer, probably will work in 2060. java i can barely get working half
	the time
Stranger:	Don't give up
Stranger:	It's program is very simple if we understand
Stranger:	So when u graduated
You:	i was class of 2021 in high school, dropped out of college because i
	couldn't afford it. what about you
Stranger:	Ohh I am really sorry
Stranger:	I done my bachelor's
You:	wow, that's really cool
You:	don't be sorry. i bet you worked really hard for it. i can't imagine
Stranger:	Yeah but I India parents only pay for all the studies
Stranger:	Now also I am leaving with my parents
Stranger:	Unlike usa it's very different here
Stranger:	Parents are very strict here 😁😁
Stranger:	About studies and all 😁
Stranger:	U know I don't have girlfriend upto now 😞
You:	my parents were really, really strict. but they never really helped me
	with anything. i had to move out on my 18th birthday and i haven't seen
	them since
Stranger:	Ohh 😯
You:	you should put yourself out there and find somebody
Stranger:	It's different here u don't get it
You:	how so
Stranger:	Girl parents are not allowed them to go outside
Stranger:	In India mostly marriage are arranged
Stranger:	By parents
You:	i personally would find that really hard. i love going on walks and
	talking to people i meet walking
Stranger:	Yeah now parents are educated so it's not happening
You:	how come your parents haven't made arrangements with parents of a girl
	your age
Stranger:	I don't like arrange marriages
Stranger:	My parents are cool
Stranger:	I came from farmers background
You:	how are you gonna find someone if you don't like arranged marriages and
	women your age don't go outside
Stranger:	Girls are coming dude
Stranger:	I have a shy
Stranger:	To talk
Stranger:	When I am taking to them I feel like
Stranger:	They are thinking I am taking trash
You:	i can say for certain i've never really felt that about a guy talking to
Stranger:	Ohh okay
Stranger:	Tq to give confidence
Stranger:	So what r doing now
You:	confidence is important. you can fake it until you make it
Stranger:	😂
Stranger:	Noted
You:	maybe pretend you're an actor or something. your job, not your goal but
	your job, is to get a girl's number. that changes it from being
	something you're afraid to do to something you need to accomplish
Stranger:	Okay 🆗
You:	if she says no she says no. that's good because it's a definite answer.
	you don't have to worry about whether it's a yes or a no, it's just a
	no. a no isn't gonna keep you up at night, a maybe is
You:	and maybe or yes are both good things. so there's not much bad that can
	come of asking for a date or a number or something
Stranger:	U motivated me so strong
Stranger:	I will try definitely
You:	that's great!
Stranger:	Thank you
You:	i bet someday soon you'll meet the woman for you
Stranger:	Yeah very soon
Stranger:	I will definitely think about u on that day
You:	i'm gonna get going to bed because it's late here. it was fun talking to
Stranger: Yeah me to
You:	and when you talk to a girl don't worry about it. she's probably as
	nervous as you are. a man with a bachelors degree? that's high class,
	that's education
Stranger:	Yeah
You:	alright have a good day!
Stranger:	Good night
You have disconnected.


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