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Trinity's bean burritos
	All ingredients should go in separate bowls. Get some paper bowls if you
	don't have enough bowls. Plates are okay if you're careful. You'll need
	bowls for everybody's burritos, too - a decentish cereal bowl will fit
	threeish of these bad boys.
		Flour tortillas. Good sized ones. One burrito should be a decent
		lunch, not just a snack; these aren't taquitos.
		Beans. Black beans. NOT baked beans, MAYBE refried beans. This
		is your base ingredient so don't fuck it up. Beans are awesome
		and you should eat more of them.
		Rice if you want it. Beans are your main ingredient, do not
		crowd out the beans. Perhaps spice the rice with salt, pepper,
		turmeric; don't overdo it, your burrito should have more flavor
		than the powders that compensate for the rice.
		A red bell pepper. Slice the top off with the stem and scoop out
		the inside, removing the white parts and the seeds. Slice from
		the top to get those nice rings of red bell pepper, keep intact
		or slice in fourths depending on preference.
		A green bell pepper. Follow the red bell pepper instructions. I
		didn't even use separate bowls for them.
		Jalapeño. The corner store near me only sells them in packs of
		three. Chop off the stem and then cut circles including the core
		and seeds; the seeds contain the most capsaicin which makes them
		spicy. The jalapeño is there for kick and flavor.
		An onion. Chop off the ends and chop from the middle to get
		those nice circle sections, then dice. One onion will get you
		eight burritos, more burritos, and then more onion. I don't know
		what I'm gonna do with all this onion and I only bought one.
		Pre-made store salsa if you want it. You're already doing three
		peppers so why dice tomatoes too? This is a shit ton of
		ingredients that fit the cuisine thrown into a jar with sugar
		and sold as chip dip but you can put it in your burritos and
		it'll work well.
		For each burrito:
			Put a tortilla on a bowl.
			Press the center of the tortilla into the bowl.
			Put a fair amount of black beans, salsa, onion, peppers,
			rice, jalapeño, and whatever else I mentioned into the
			tortilla. Don't put too much but put enough that you're
			not hungry after one or two.
			Fold the leftmost and rightmost edges of the circle about
			two centimeters in towards the center to stop the filling
			from leaking out while you chow.
			Fold the topmost edge of the circle down as far as you
			can without moving the filling.
			Roll the filling part of the burrito onto the remaining
			unfolded section.
		I microwaved each burrito for a minute or two until it was hot to
		the touch.
		Sriracha or some other sauce as dip. Unnecessary but I like it.
	Dietary considerations
		This dish is vegan and halal. Replace the flour tortilla with
		a corn tortilla in case of allergy; for other ingredients, in
		case of allergy do without.
		Wrappers aren't reuseable. Throw waste from onion, peppers,
		jalapeño, and any other vegetables into compost or outside for
		birds (except rice).
		I didn't keep my receipt so prices are from a local supermarket
		as of 2023-07-06:
			$4.00 flour tortillas (8)
			$2.00 black beans (20oz)
			$2.00 red bell pepper
			$2.00 green pepper
			$0.75 jalapeño
			$1.50 white onion
			$4.50 pre-made salsa
				$16.75 total for 8 burritos; ~$2.10 each
		I had some onion, pepper, and salsa left over, so I put the onion
		and pepper in the salsa and will have it with tortilla chips
		tomorrow. Sriracha and rice are staples most kitchens will
		already have so I didn't include their prices; they're optional


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