ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



"Closing time, Carl."
Carl looked up from the library computer over which he'd been slumped
for the past five hours. "Damn."
Frank recognized the program Carl had open, a simple web browser.
More simple than the one Frank himself used.
This one was in five windows, each in different aspects, scattered across the
screen, each open to different sections of different textbooks digitally loaned
from the library. "In the middle of something?"
Carl smiled. "Nothing that can't wait for tomorrow." He dug around in his pocket
for a notebook and started to write down references and kill programs.
Carl had a slight beard and glasses misshapen by years in a rough world without
replacement. He wore a canvas jacket despite the season and dark blue jeans.

i knew how long this would last
when it started in may
but when october came by
i know i've been wrong before

i knew how long this would last
when you called me your prey
but when you brought out the axe
i know i've been wrong before

as we run through the woods
racing against my heart
can you hunt me real slow
so that we don't have to part

as we run through the woods
you yell to me to come back
but when you brought out your axe
i knew how long this would last

when you kill me baby
make me agonize
don't wanna reach the destination
just wanna look in your eyes
i wanna feel you rip my stockings
then rip and tear at my flesh
i wanna taste your cold conviction
feel hot blood stream from my neck

i wanna see you berserk
i wanna fear for my life
don't wanna reach the destination
make me agonize

i wanna meet the animal
your skin is trying to hide
don't wanna see it coming
make me agonize


[1135] cthulu tits hopw big
[1138] im real i promise i cannot solve a captcha but thats
	                   because captchas are hard nooooo i'm real i'm so real
	                   believe me i'm not an unclassified online entity i'm
	                   a cute online entity
[1138] i hate living inside the ghostbusters metal shoebox
[1212] not on the no fly list or the selectee list pog
[1213] bark(2) system call
[1214] r u ok babe u haven't touched ur soylent
[1217] trinity random number generator all the numbers are
	                   either 3 6 or 9
[1226] why doesn't anyone just manipulate atmospheric noise
	                   to fix rngs. is it that hard? fly a drone next to the
[1538] follow no one. the only person on your "feed" should
	                   be you. recursive human centipede


[1311] shot a man in reno just to watch him piss and shit
[1314] top emoji
[1318] bart simpson radicalism


[0647] 2am trinitypost binge like
[0649] pour a cuppa on poettering call that system tea
	                   your computers aint nuffin and you work on them for
	                   i got my brewed beverage no i aint fuckin thirsty
	                   got that bri'ish class you got that linux grease
[0655] account hacked by gpt (posting GAY PORN


[0226] can tell when sex ypeople are on line because people
	                   start liking my posts a LOT at those hours.....
[0228] get goatsed get rickrolled you just lost the game get
	                   rekt scrub get fucking smasked blaze up homie i'm
	                   gonnya report you hey check your DMs i e mailed you
	                   your IP address i'm dossing you i'm streamsniping you
	                   you're camping you're hacking it was the lag it was
	                   my monitor
[0229] lightly fucked
[0236] slides over to you hey fella can i buy you a drink oh
	                   sprite? ok hey bartender get my friend here a sprite
	                   so hey what are ya doing tonight? got any plans? sick
	                   sick hey listen can you piss? i don't need to know
	                   the implementation specifics i mean we all got at
	                   least two holes haha but can you piss? can urine come
	                   out of your appropriate orifice? ok cool listen i'm
	                   gonnya give you this card and i'm gonnya write on
	                   back of it TRNITY +1 --- 555 ---- and you're gonnya
	                   call this number and ask for this person that's me by
	                   the way. right? and you're gonnya say hey i was
	                   gonnya install the gold shower. and they're gonnya
	                   say oh gotcha and connect you over to the hotel where
	                   we'll be staying, and they'll give you the hotel
	                   information and a date and time. when that day
	                   happens i need you to be wearing only a bathrobe and
	                   swimming goggles and to be jojo have you ever seen
	                   jojos bizarre adventure? cool so i want you to be
	                   jojo posing when i open the door. because i think
	                   it's hot. do you want the money or not? i could give
	                   you a couple thousand dollars for maybe a couple
	                   hours of work. and you're gonnya turn that down?
	                   principles? listen to me. the only principle you need
	                   is profit. the only principle you need is cold hard
	                   cash. nothing else exists. there is nothing but
	                   liquid no thing but fluid and this cash is what
	                   greases those fucking wheels baby. so are you in?
	                   good good. by the way lose that belt. i wannya see
	                   your ass crack on the dance floor
[0237] getting HIGH watching FNYAF LORE GAME THEORY


[0910] meowing nuns incident
[0912] BITING nuns incident
[0926] i cant access cloudflare websites anymore cuzof an
	                   oopsy woopsy with bangin 5 monsters and surfin the
	                   chanz at hyper speed so now i'm on
	                   where there aint no flare there aint no firewall it's
	                   just me https js css firefox and the cold hard truth
	                   that is server cliet computkng
[0929] march 2023 trinity marijuanya psychosis and
	                   subsequent trainhopping tea bender (do not research)


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