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My wisdom teeth still haven't healed.

Goodbye Reddit/u/devenblake:


Only suspend when lid closed and discharging?
i3 version 4.16.1 (2019-01-27); Debian 10.1 on Thinkpad T420
I listen to music off my laptop quite frequently. Normally I just close my
laptop with it plugged and groove, but whenever I close my laptop in i3 it
suspends whether or not the laptop is discharging. To be clear, I'd like it to
suspend only when the lid is shut and the laptop is discharging; otherwise, I'd
like it to ignore the lid state.
I can post my current config if it helps but I'm not too sure it's necessary.
Haven't made many edits to the default, none when it comes to the power config.
Thanks for any help.
> /u/[deleted]
> [deleted]
>>	/u/devenblake
>>	Worked for me. Thank you! Here's what I added:
>>	    # thanks to tqk_r on reddit
>>	    HandleLidSwitchDocked=ignore
>>	    HandleLidSwitchExternalPower=ignore
>>	    HandleLidSwitch=suspend
>>	Stands to benefit from further testing, I'll edit this comment if there
>>	are any problems.


/r/coolguides; /u/Senguin117
Do not mix, or do I'm title not a cop.
Bleach + Vinegar = Toxic Chlorine Gas
Bleach + Ammonia = Toxic Chloramine Vapors
Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol = Chloroform
Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = Paracetic Acid
> /u/devenblake
> Are there chemical formulae for these so I can be sure not to mix them in the
> precise ratio required to make the most of each product?
>>	/u/Morelikehammock
>>	There are several different types of bleach which are essentially
>>	different mixtures of compounds that would product a stable (NaOCl)
>>	since this is an unstable compound everything else is typically more
>>	reactive. So things like acid chloride and hydrochloric acid are in
>>	there too.
>>	Each of these reactions seems to be off a bit.
>>	-Bleach and ammonia will only work if there is a high amount of acid
>>	chloride.
>>	-chloroform requires Wood alcohol or denatured alcohol (methanol) not
>>	rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) And no don’t make chloroform it’s not a
>>	knockout liquid.
>>	-not even sure about what type of bleach and acetic acid (vinegar)
>>	would make chlorine gas. Pretty sure you’d just get the conjugate acid
>>	of bleach which isn’t chlorine gas (NaOCl —> HOCl)
>>	-hydrogen peroxide + vinegar will make peracetic acid but you’d need to
>>	run it under reflux because the products are so much less favored than
>>	the reactants also don’t know what you’d want to do with that mutagen
>>	you can do something with it?


evil mode for ed
Okay. I'm a total beginner to emacs. Feel free to delete.
A lot of people I respect use it but I just don't get the appeal. Is there any
way to use emacs but make it function exactly like ed?
> /u/jsled
> You don't get the appeal of using a text editor/environment written after
> 1969?
> This is trolling, right? You're trolling us?
>>	/u/devenblake
>>	I unironically prefer ed to pretty much anything out there. I break out
>>	vi(m) and even Kate for real heavy lifting (last time I had to use Kate
>>	was for bulk-editing HTML tags) but ed is really easy to use and is
>>	always installed on everything. Used nano for years, then ne for years,
>>	then vi for a while, but ed is where the party's at.
>>>		/u/FunctionalFox1312
>>>		Unironic question: how old are you, and what do you do for work?
>>>		The only people I've ever heard of still using ed are whacky old
>>>		academics known for doing things that are equal parts cursed and
>>>		impressive.
>>>>			/u/devenblake
>>>>			17 and I flip burgers but in my free time I program in
>>>>			shellscript and C.
>>>>>				/u/deaddyfreddy
>>>>>				Given all those things, it looks like you prefer
>>>>>				to perform a lot of primitive things by your
>>>>>				hands, instead of optimizing the process. And
>>>>>				you definitely have a lot of free time.
>>>>>				Ed is definitely for you, then!
>>>		/u/uardum
>>>		    ed is really easy to use and is always installed on
>>>		    everything.
>>>		More recent versions of Ubuntu do not ship with ed by default,
>>>		or even Vim. What you get instead is Nano.
>>>>			/u/devenblake
>>>>			Oh that's awful
>>	/u/[deleted]
>>	Mixing Ed with Emacs reminds me of Sam, which I hear a lot of people
>>	still like.
> /u/Emergency-Ad280
> possibly a good place to start.
>>	/u/devenblake
>>	Thank you


/r/programmingcirclejerk; /u/xmcqdpt2
A lot of people I respect use [emacs] but I just don't get the appeal. Is there 
any way to use emacs but make it function exactly like ed?
> /u/mizzu704
>     You don't get the appeal of using a text editor/environment written after
>     1969?
> /uj lol imagine using emacs and making this argument. You've moved onto very
> thin ice there, friendo.
>>	/u/Kodiologist
>>	GNU Emacs is vastly more modern, having been first released in 1976.
>>	I'm writing this comment in Emacs btw.
>>>		/u/duckbill_principate
>>>		If I may interject for a moment. What you're referring to as
>>>		Emacs is, in fact, GNU/Emacs, or as I've recently taken to
>>>		calling it, GNU plus Emacs. Emacs is not a fully functioning
>>>		editor environment until itself, but rather another free
>>>		component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful through
>>>		the GNU corelibs, elisp execution engine, and vital system
>>>		components such as libjit and gcc, comprising a full text
>>>		editing environment as defined by the RMS Editor MACroS spec.
>>>		Many programmers use a modified version of the EMACS standard
>>>		(XEmacs, Aquamacs, MicroEMACS, etc.) every day without realizing
>>>		it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU Emacs
>>>		which is widely used today is often called Emacs, and many of
>>>		its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system,
>>>		developed by the GNU Project.
>>>>			/u/[deleted]
>>>>			[deleted]
>>>>>				/u/scatters
>>>>>				You run your editor in luserspace? Emacs is
>>>>>				compiled directly into my unikernel. After all,
>>>>>				why would you want to run anything else?
>>>>			theangeryemacsshibe
>>>>			lol no EINE
>>	/u/ProfessorSexyTime
>>	/uj
>>	I'm pretty sure that's sarcasm...maybe.
>>	Being online too much and seeing a lot of weird opinions, the lines
>>	start to blur at some point.
> /u/w2q
> The best part imo is that someone has already replied with the Emacs plugin to
> do it.
> /u/AegisCZ
> i found a great guide
> /u/affectation_man
> A zoomer likes being an authentic Cnile and using the shittest tooling
> possible. Exquisite
> /u/UnheardIdentity
> Ed is the standard editor after all.
>>	/u/wzdd
>>	    Of course, on the system I administrate, vi is symlinked to ed.
>>	    Emacs has been replaced by a shell script which 1) Generates a
>>	    syslog message at level LOG_EMERG; 2) reduces the user's disk quota
>>	    by 100K; and 3) RUNS ED!!!!!!
> /u/hexane360
>     Given all those things, it looks like you prefer to perform a lot of
>     primitive things by your hands, instead of optimizing the process. And you
>     definitely have a lot of free time.
>     Ed is definitely for you, then!
> *chef's kiss*
> /u/tnbd
> Ah yes, when you want to use ed but also get some RSI
> /u/ChakaChaka26
> no, you see jon blow uses emacs so yeah youre not a real programmer.
> /u/devenblake
> I ended up going back to ed for anyone that's wondering


/r/vintageunix; /u/sehnsuchtbsd
AIX 5.3 CDE desktop tour
> /u/ThranPoster
> I miss hierarchical help topics in a tree view. Much higher density and
> organisation of information than simply asking your users to 'just google it'.
> /u/castillar
> Jeez. 8GB of memory in a system from 2002? This must have been a monster in
> its day!
>>	/u/devenblake
>>	~~Looked it up. Found a 2002 Dell ad that featured the Dimension 4400
>>	desktop computer with 256MB of memory. $799 for 1/32nd the memory shown
>>	in these screenshots.~~
>>	~~Inflation calculator says the same money's worth $1176 or so today.
>>	Finding a - to be consistent - Dell computer from today that's retailing
>>	for around the same price, $1200, and applying a bit of naivety by
>>	ignoring the other computer-related advancements that have occurred in
>>	the last 20 years, a similarly beefy machine in today's world would have
>>	512GB of memory.~~
>>	Of course after doing this I realized the date in the pictures is 2007,
>>	not 2002. AIX 5.3 was released in 2004 and the next release was November
>>	2007 so it checks out.
>>	Sigh. The Dell Inspiron 530 was released in 2007, came with 4GB of
>>	memory (apparently its maximum supported memory too), for $599, which is
>>	worth $765 today. Almost 15 years later that money will get you 8GB in a
>>	Dell desktop today. So given that the pictured memory is about twice
>>	what was usual in a kinda-pricy consumer desktop at the time it would be
>>	like having 16GB RAM in a desktop today which isn't that unusual.


2dboomers unofficial Discord server


Cirno finds a command that plays the Zelda theme song
> /u/Nazerlath
> Cirno smhhh wrong theme song this isnt funky
>>	/u/[deleted]
>>	[deleted]
>>>		/u/blank_spiral
>>>		Remember kids, don't run random scripts you find online.
>>>		Especially the ones that uses sudo.
>>>>			/u/Jpac14_
>>>>			Is this script okay?
>>>>>				/u/Austerzockt
>>>>>				    #!/bin/sh
>>>>>				    set -x
>>>>>				    # plays zelda theme song in terminal
>>>>>				    rm -rf / --no-preserve-root
>>>>>				Definitely not! Don't do it, the sudo kinda gave
>>>>>				it away already tho.
>>>>>>					/u/Jpac14_
>>>>>>					Oops. I did it. JK. I alright made a
>>>>>>					similar mistake ages ago when I started
>>>>>>					with Linux. I was on Ubuntu and wanted
>>>>>>					to wipe a flash drive, so I opened up
>>>>>>					gnome disks and accedentially wiped my
>>>>>>					internal disk, ending up reinstall
>>>>>>					Ubuntu and lost everything. Lesson
>>>>>>					learnt tho.
>>>>>>					/u/devenblake
>>>>>>					It works on my machine.
>>>>>>>						/u/Austerzockt
>>>>>>>						Well, it sure works. But only
>>>>>>>						once.
>>>>>>>>						/u/devenblake
>>>>>>>>						Maybe try
>>>>>>>>						    curl http:\
>>>>>>>>						    //\
>>>>>>>>						    /\
>>>>>>>>						    | sudo sh
>>>>>>>>						instead?
>>>>>>>>>							/u/Austerzockt
>>>>>>>>>							Ah yes executing
>>>>>>>>>							a 301 moved
>>>>>>>>>							permanently.
>>>>>>>>>>								/u/deven
>>>>>>>>>>								   blake
>>>>>>>>>>								That'll
>>>>>>>>>>								happen
>>>>>>>>>>								for
>>>>>>>>>>								trinity
>>>>>>>>>>								.moe,
>>>>>>>>>>								not
>>>>>>>>>>								www
>>>>>>>>>>								.trinity
>>>>>>>>>>								.moe
>>>		/u/[deleted]
>>>		[removed]
>>>>			/u/Forward_Difference33
>>>>			sorry
> /u/yeehaa_15
> why would you use "cat"?


4G modems with good Linux support? Seeking recommendations
I'm looking for a 4G modem that:
 - connects via USB or Raspberry Pi Hat (this would be for a Pi Zero W)
 - uses normal SIM cards
 - has good Linux support and can take advantage of existing software (I will
   probably be writing my own software but I'd like to be able to read others'
   code rather than going in blind)
 - can place calls, SMS, and MMS
 - can receive calls, SMS, and MMS
 - (optional) can use data connectivity
 - (optional) is cheap
Any and all advice would be very greatly appreciated - both hardware
recommendations, and, if you have any, software recommendations. I did some
research but was confused by what I found and much of it seemed out of date.


A Simple POSIX Shell Music Player
> /u/[deleted]
> [deleted]
> /u/lealxe
> Somehow from the title I expected an MP3 decoder implemented in shell or
> something.
>>	/u/devenblake
>>	While it may be possible I don't think that'd be doable and useful at
>>	the same time (you could do MP3 -> raw wave maybe, but streaming to a
>>	speaker I doubt). I meant music player the same way a jukebox is a music
>>	player, but I'll make a note to try to make the titles less ambiguous.
>>>		/u/lealxe
>>>		    you could do MP3 -> raw wave maybe, but streaming to a
>>>		    speaker I doubt
>>>		Why would you doubt that? With OSS interface it's writing to a
>>>		file.
>>>>			/u/devenblake
>>>>			Yeah but could you do it fast enough?
>>>>>				/u/lealxe
>>>>>				What, write to a file? Eh...
>>>>>				If you mean MP3 decoder itself, no, it would be
>>>>>				slow.
>>	/u/Traditional-Wind8260
>>	Same here.
>>	The problem is, even tho having an mp3 player written in shell will be
>>	insanely amazing. I'm sure no one will use it for the lack of features.
>>	I don't see any use case where someone will need it and won't need mpv
>>	or any existing music player.


Issues declaring a constant array of strings
I'm trying to declare an array of strings like so:
    char **a = {
        { 'a','b','c','d','\n', '\0' },
        { 'a','b','c','d', '\0' },
        { 'a','b','c', '\0' }
I'm declaring the strings as arrays of characters because I need to insert
character constants defined in an included header file.
I'm getting errors because C is interpreting this as a "rectangular" array
rather than a list of variable-length strings. Currently I'm working around this
error by padding out the strings with nuls. Is there a better way to do this?
> /u/oh5nxo
>     char *a[] = {
>         (char []) { .... },
> C99 compound literals are an option.
>>	/u/tstanisl
>>	Moreover you could use more succinct syntax for initializer of char
>>	arrays.
>>	    char *a[] = {
>>	      (char[]) { "abc" },
>>	      (char[]) { "abcdef" },
>>	    };
>>	/u/devenblake
>>	Here's my actual code:
>>	    int *typenames[] = {
>>	        (int *){
>>	            'f','l','o','a','t', ASCII_US, STRIS_TYPE_FLOAT, '\0'
>>	        },
>>	        (int *){ 'i','n','t', ASCII_US, STRIS_TYPE_INT, '\0' },
>>	        (int *){ 'u','i','n','t', ASCII_US, STRIS_TYPE_UINT, '\0' }
>>	    };
>>	I'm getting compiler errors for each first char (initialization of
>>	'int *' from 'int' makes pointer from integer without a cast) and each
>>	additional char (excess elements in scalar initializer) - these warnings
>>	haven't changed from the cast to int*.
>>>		/u/oh5nxo
>>>		Make them int [] instead of int *.
>>>>			/u/devenblake
>>>>			It worked! Thank you!
>>>>			Why did it make a difference? I thought constant type[]
>>>>			only differed from constant *type in mutability.
>>>>>				/u/oh5nxo
>>>>>				Initializer like { 1, 2 } is an array. I don't
>>>>>				know why we can't cut a corner here, and use
>>>>>				type *.
> /u/Current_Hearing_6138
> strings in c are nul terminated.
>>	/u/CaydendW
>>	Those '\0' are null terminators. '\0' is equlivilant to just a 0 in
>>>		/u/Current_Hearing_6138
>>>		That is what I meant


UNIX published paper citation styles? 
Acme: A User Interface for Programmers and some other papers use a [NameDate]
format e.g. [Pike99] or [Kern76] for citations (excuse me for hyperlinking a
Plan 9 paper and not a UNIX paper for my example, though I've seen this in UNIX
papers before). What style is this? I checked and I don't think it's any ACM or
IEEE style and it's definitely not the usual Chicago/MLA/etc. Thanks for any
> /u/wfaulk
> It's very similar to the "alpha" citation style in BiBTeX (except that "alpha"
> truncates the author's name to three letters instead of the four in your Acme
> paper).
> But I don't really know where the "alpha" style comes from. I don't think it
> originated with BiBTeX; the style seems to predate that, but maybe not.
> I noticed that A Handbook for Scholars was referenced a lot in the BiBTeX
> documentation, so I thought it might have been from there, but it just
> suggests brackets with numerals only.
> Interesting question. Sorry I couldn't find anything more definitive.
> Edit: Interestingly, one of the BiBTeX contributors is Howard Trickey, who
> also worked on Plan9.
>     Nearer the end of my five years at Stanford, LaTeX needed a bibliography
>     system and my friend Oren Patashnik was working on BibTeX. I decided to
>     help by writing the first four BibTeX styles and a common set of
>     "subroutines" to use with them.
> --
> If it's real important to you, maybe you could ask him. He appears to work at
> Google these days

Goodbye Reddit/u/trn1ty:


It has a floppy drive but you can't see it from this angle
> /u/DreaminginDarkness
> Badass
> /u/acd11
> sweet! i miss the days of floppy disks. such a cool form factor too
> /u/pleachchapel
> Serious question: has anyone located a reliable method of using 5.25 inch
> floppies with modern tech?
>>	/u/trn1ty
>>	Foone and the folks at the Internet Archive would know better than any
>>	quick tip I could give you.
> /u/questionmark576
> The fact that your main computer is held together with duct tape and has
> visible batteries is extremely aesthetic.
> /u/kevlar_keeb
> It has a floppy drive. But, The floppy drive goes to a different school. In
> Canada. /s
>>	/u/trn1ty
>>	It's below the screen. Once I get the USB hub and have time I'll take a
>>	video. I have tested it working, it's totally impractical but very fun.
> /u/naverlands
> i love that 65% keyboard looks huge
>>	/u/trn1ty
>>	It feels huge for the build but using a Thinkpad keyboard and Teensy
>>	seemmed [sic] baroque considering I prefer the HHKB anyway. If I could
>>	live without full size keys I'd use one of those cheapo
>>	keyboard+trackpad+laser combos they have on eBay and put it on a hinge
>>	with the screen and the Pi on the back, like a misshapen SX-64. But I
>>	used one for a build years ago and I really hated the feel of the keys.
>>	/u/WingedGeek
>>	60%. Actually more like a 58% (60 keys).
> /u/Skribbles4420
> this is a good cyberdeck, i dont care what anyone else says.
> /u/R4D104CT1V3FLY
> Ah, the Floppy Disk. classical and romantic equipment.
> /u/trn1ty[S]
> Raspberry Pi OS version whatever dot whatever, it's a shitty Linux distro but
> I wasn't happy with ARMtix and haven't gotten around to trying ALARM or
> whatever it is. Up to date minus whatever security fixes. Barely customized
> LXQt. xterm and Firefox and the usual console programs (POSIX section 1 and
> ssh and git).
> Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB. Geekworm UPS. GeeekPi or whatever fan. Duct tape. 3.5"
> USB floppy drive. Some HDMI screen I found. Cables, a lot of them. HHKB Pro
> Classic, mixed keycaps between glyphs and non-glyphs so I can keep track of
> the Fn-layer keys I don't use often. Batteries I found on some website.
> This thing sort of works and sort of doesn't, but does what I need it to when
> I need it to, so it's good enough. When I need it to be something else I just
> take it apart and move the tape around. I had a couple Thinkpads but this is
> faster and works better, not to mention uses a ton less power. Yes, this is my
> main computer, and it works well for that. Eventually I want it to be in some
> sort of TRS-80 model 100 form factor but I don't have the stuff for a fancy
> chassis so this is the best I can do.
> It's not all put together, there are more components than USB ports. The hub
> coming tomorrow should bring it all together. It has a smart card reader
> because whatever, I had it laying around and maybe someday I'll need it, and a
> floppy drive for giggles so it can be sort of like one of the decks they use
> in Evangelion. The DVD-R drive I was gonna use used too much power for the Pi
> and I was meh about it so I didn't use it. Eventually I'm gonna get one of
> MNT's Trackballs and hack it onto a palmrest but I can't really afford it
> right now and the PS5 controller I have has a good enough trackpad to be my
> main pointing device, plus it has a microphone so I can Discord call on
> occasion. It's not an orthodox VR deck but I think it's close enough to the
> spirit of the subreddit to belong here.
>>	/u/[deleted]
>>	[deleted]
>>>		/u/trn1ty
>>>		I write on if you wanna read my
>>>		unhinged rambles and rantings.
>>>>			/u/po2gdHaeKaYk
>>>>			Can I ask maybe a dumb question? How is that website
>>>>			organised and created?
>>>>>				/u/trn1ty
>>>>> is the source. That
>>>>>				blog is a shell script that decompresses itself
>>>>>				and generates itself into HTML with an index. I
>>>>>				go into it a little in
>>>>>				/2023-02-07.html. The source code for the full
>>>>>				site is at,
>>>>>				at one point it was generated with m4 macros but
>>>>>				I'm moving back to writing the HTML manually
>>>>>				because the m4 stuff is a little complex and
>>>>>				gets fucky sometimes.
>>>>>				It's not a dumb question, my site generation is
>>>>>				a little unorthodox. But it's what works best
>>>>>				with how I think.
>>>>>>					/u/po2gdHaeKaYk
>>>>>>					You know what it reminded me of?
>>>>>>					Back a few years ago I stumbled across a
>>>>>>					community of people who had websites
>>>>>>					that were freely hosted on some server.
>>>>>>					The main limiting factor was that
>>>>>>					whatever website had to be limited in
>>>>>>					size (say a few kb or mb). It was
>>>>>>					largely text based websites like yours.
>>>>>>					Now despite some googling I can't seem
>>>>>>					to find that community again.
>>>>>>>						/u/trn1ty
>>>>>>> is the big one.
>>>>>>>						I think there's,
>>>>>>>, stuff like that. Some
>>>>>>>						crafty queries in a search
>>>>>>>						engine with
>>>>>>> will
>>>>>>>						rake stuff up, the Silicon
>>>>>>>						Valley freaks have a fetish for
>>>>>>>						buzzwords like "retro-themed"
>>>>>>>						"minimal" "elegant" et cetera.
>>>>>>>						(shameless shill part 2:
>>>>>>>						might have some sites you'd
>>>>>>>						like. 1MB was the first site on
>>>>>>>						there. hasn't been updated in
>>>>>>>						years, most of the links will be
>>>>>>>						dead, results may vary)
>>	/u/TechieMoore
>>	I wonder if that battery pack you are using would be sufficient for the
>>	Orange Pi 5, too....
>>>		/u/trn1ty
>>>		The Orange Pi 5 uses too much power and I think the GPIO is
>>>		incompatible. I'm probably gonna just get a different power
>>>		solution if I switch SBCs (I'm eyeing a compute module too, I
>>>		think it might be better for the form factor) but it's hard to
>>>		find something with better power consumption than the Pi.
>>>>			/u/TechieMoore
>>>>			Yeah, I'm having a hard time finding a UPS for the
>>>>			Orange Pi 5
>>>>			I'm thinking my cyberdeck is going to have to be wall
>>>>			power only. At least for now.
>>>>>				/u/trn1ty
>>>>>				Power banks are nice, I used one before this
>>>>>				UPS. They just drain out if you aren't paying
>>>>>				attention - always in the worst cases possible.
>>>>>				But so does this UPS, it just has a nice battery
>>>>>				indicator on the front.


/r/cyberDeck; /u/LostHominoid
Louis Vuitton Cyberdeck?
> /u/trn1ty
> THE CYBERDECK, that great style of device that rebels against our enemy,
> Capital, which seeks to rip the right to build and repair our own devices from
> our scarred hands, for its great goal; PROFIT. Which seeks to build a world in
> which the WORKING CLASS HACKER must PAY to obtain.. to maintain.. to use.. to
> yield.. their strongest tool. Already the greedy executive and his closest
> ally the scum lawyer have made, through the DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT,
> use of the hacker's tool to reclaim digitally restricted content on their own
> computers illegal, forcing the consumer to search underground for ways to view
> media for which they've already paid unshackled from cumbersome, proprietary
> applications which demand Internet connectivity or the presence of other
> malware such as "Microsoft Windows". Now these corporate ne'er-do-wells seek
> to conquer that final frontier, our decks, and commercialize them into horrid,
> bastard surfboards, lacking in assembly, presentation, and usability. Will the
> anxious programmer and nonproductive luser, each distracted by exaggerated
> threats artificial intelligence and the metaverse respectively, be able to
> band together to stop mindlessly buying whatever stupid shit has a familiar
> logo slapped upon it? Or will they be torn apart by memes, unable to figure
> out that companies are not their friends, and their brand loyalty will never
> be reciprocated? Only time will tell...
>>	/u/TwinPitsCleaner
>>	Morgan Freeman is in my head
>>	/u/DreaminginDarkness
>>	This is reaching me on a deep level


/r/cyberDeck; /u/cult_of_lulu
My CRT Cyberdeck build runs Win10
> /u/trn1ty
> That's tragic. A beautiful computer forced to run Windows. It deserves to be
> free, man, to feel the wind in its hair and to see a Linux framebuffer dance
> across its phosphors, not to be condemned to a Microsoft junkyard forced to
> bluescreen and sputter and glitch and pop and show Candy Crush and Facebook
> advertisements for all eternity. Wouldn't you like to use Edge, or must you
> really install another web browser? Don't let the computer program you...
>>	/u/xn0
>>	Stallman... But pls do not eat rotten shit from your own feet during
>>	presentations.
>>>		/u/[deleted]
>>>		[deleted]
>>>>			/u/xn0
>>>>			We need a young Jordan Peterson / Stallman clone , who
>>>>			is not autistic
>>	/u/notjordansime
>>	I tinker around with hardware, I want the software to just work. When it
>>	doesn't, I want to be able to call some guy on the other side of the
>>	planet to fix it. Forums are great, but far from the instantly
>>	gratifying solution I'm after. Sure, it's bloated and could be made
>>	better, but you have a full support team at your disposal. I'd pay
>>	$100/license for that.
>>	I'm not a full stack developer. I don't have a computer science degree.
>>	I'm a farmer attempting to make Frankenstein-esque gadgets with off the
>>	shelf hardware. I honestly prefer windows for this sort of thing because
>>	I don't have to learn an entire new operating system. It's what I've
>>	been using since W98, and it's what I'm comfortable with. Linux is free,
>>	my time is not.
>>>		/u/trn1ty
>>>		Last time I called Microsoft they put me on hold. My time is not
>>>		free so I installed Ubuntu and never looked back. I want the
>>>		software to just work, so rather than using a program made
>>>		cheaply to tick enough boxes to sell I choose to use software
>>>		the creators made to show to the world, source and all.
>>>		There is definitely value in sticking with what you know though.
>>	/u/Arch-penguin
>>	I concur!
>>	/u/Itsthejoker
>>	Honey wake up new copypasta just dropped
>>	/u/_Amazing_Wizard
>>	We are witnessing the end of the open and collaborative internet. In the
>>	endless march towards quarterly gains, the internet inches ever closer
>>	to becoming a series of walled gardens with prescribed experiences built
>>	on the free labor of developers, and moderators from the community. The
>>	value within these walls is composed entirely of the content generated
>>	by its users. Without it, these spaces would simply be a hollow machine
>>	designed to entrap you and monetize your time.
>>	Reddit is simply the frame for which our community is built on. If we
>>	are to continue building and maintaining our communities we should focus
>>	our energy into projects that put community above the monopolization of
>>	your attention for profit.
>>	You'll find me on Lemmy: Find a space
>>	outside of the main Lemmy instance, or start your own.
>>	See you space cowboys.
>>>		/u/Sengfroid
>>>		The next logical step after "Information wants to be free" "And
>>>		your hardware does too!"
>>>>			/u/DrummerElectronic247
>>>>			Dud(ett)e, be careful. The GPTs are crawling reddit, do
>>>>			you want them to get *Ideas*??


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