ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-03-07 2022-09-28 [11:25 PM] trinity: the ocean is filled with water the earth is getting hotter politics don't give a bother i just did a sheet of blotter WHAT THE FUCK IS THE OCEAN WHY IS IT WATER FILL IT WITH SOMETHING ELSE OCEAN FILLED WITH MILK TURN THE COWS INTO MILK TURN THE GOATS INTO MILK TURN THE MOMS INTO MILK TURN THE OATS INTO MILK EVERYTHING CAN BE MILK MACHINE TURNS SHIT INTO MILK I DRINK ALL THE MILK I PISS OUT THE MILK fish cannot swim in milk fish become violently ill spoiled milky fish scientists are starting to wish EVERYTHING COULD BE MILK NOBODY IS WORKING ON THIS? EVERYTHING COULD BE MILK MILKY MILKY MILKY WAY [11:25 PM] trinity: somg ide [11:25 PM] trinity: idea [11:25 PM] trinity: song idea [11:26 PM] [...]: LMAO I fuckin loved this ? What instrument do u imagine it sung to 2022-09-29 [1:33 AM] trinity: all instruments [1:33 AM] trinity: every single one [1:33 AM] trinity: at once [3:03 AM] trinity: the ocean is getting hotter filled with slow warming water scientists are losing their minds i think it's about time gather the lactating creatures humans, cows, goats, almonds i'm gonna be the cheerleader for a global cause solving the problem that THE OCEANS AREN'T FILLED WITH MILK THE OCEANS AREN'T FILLED WITH MILK THIS IS PRIME TIME FOR A MILKY TIME FILL THE OCEANS WITH MILK i build a machine that turns to milk anything that should be milk children start to become ill but the children are not milk all the mommies in the world every dog cat hamster in the world gonna be turned into its milk so they can never quarrel and we can FILL THE OCEANS WITH THEIR MILK FILL THE OCEANS WITH THEIR MILK WE CAN'T SELL IT SO TO HELL WITH IT INTO THE OCEAN DUMP THE MILK our milk business is number one got milk we milked it's so much fun pasteurize disorganize for calfs? what's that? we'll drink the milk i don't remember how the money works i'm just the production manager mass extinction milky end dead babies in dead mangers but we still FILLED THE OCEANS WITH OUR MILK FUCK THE FISH YOUR WORLD IS MILK END THE WORLD THE WORLD IS MILK WE FILLED THE OCEANS WITH THE MILK [3:03 AM] trinity: this was draft 2 <^
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