ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	What's the best $100 you've ever spent?

pages from my journal (all from 2023-03-04)

my mind is in the forest exploring glaciers' vestiges
	my body is in a city bound in chains
	my mind is in a prairie and touching tall grass
	my body is in a steel room in a concrete building
	all i feel is typical serenity
	as i am slowly disassembled
fuck off out of my lump of meat
	i did not permit the use of my thoughts
	running thru my fucking neurons
	using my synapses to cross the fucking street
	get out of my head get out of my head
	stop talking right now i swear to god
	i need to get some fucking sleep
	they record my phone calls
	i will fucking kill you for violating my rights
	stop distracting me messing up my count of sheep
solid state speed control?
	in my mouth!
	trick'ling down!
	all the ammonic
	tides of the ocean
	and the salt beach
	shore when you take too
	long and the seventy
	sides and emotion
	and the salt cream
       odor when you take too long
	so if you will torture
	my toothpaste tongue
	with an unwashed pipe
	finish the job and
	piss! in my mouth!
journal but written
	[drawings of cats next to the phrase "geometry cat"]
[drawings of mice]
	[repeated drawings of the same square shape with "follow" pointing at
i'm really tired
	fallin' asleep in da
	burger king lobby
	DREAM ---
	[stick figure next to exclamation point]
	[stick figure next to question mark]
	[stick figure pulls out phone]
	[phone zooms in]
	[text message from [...]: hey i just downed a monster do u want 1? :)
	                                                   nah (sent to [...])
	                                     thx 4 offerin tho (sent to [...])
	[stick figure holding phone saying "[...]'s drinking monster?"]
[drawings of curvy triangles]
	grub muff tough stuff
	rough hug butt munch
	chug bug jug tug
	crumb lump duff cuff
[drawin of snail]
cursive test
	I like joining letters with loops but it's hard to write and not easy
	to read so what's the point
	would be cooler if [...] was here
	I just head a GBA start up jingle
	my handwriting is always messier after I try cursive
big day for the tow truck industry

pages from my journal (all from 2023-03-05)

[stick figure with ponytail and hat thinking "smoochin'"]
ur good i'm still vibing i just not sure about family stuff?
	mint condition kitchen
	never lived in living room
	clean plastic wrapped sofa
	market friendly tomb
	[...] is my favorite character so this is sort of like fanfiction
[stick figure looking at fourth wall next to question mark]
[drawings of triangles]
	thanks for your adaptability
	national treasure 2: international loot

	Gas and meals probably summed to $100 this weekend...


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