ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-02-28 2022年05月06日 66260700 six six two six zero seven zero zero 2022年05月10日 I know two things about life: 1) I will endure it 2) It will kill me My handwriting has suffered this gap in writing. Cape Cod Cannibal Police (CCCP) "It's a cop eat cop world" "Ramirez, don't shoot! The kid's unarmed! The arms are the best part!" They are the thing from which they're supposed to protect Non-cannibal cops join, get eaten Notorious as a sun-down town among the particularly scrumptious "They say one bad apple spoils the bunch, then just say there are 'some' bad apples. I say we need more bad apples. Bad apples taste the best." The mayor is supposed to accept the status quo or the police union will oust + eat her "I pray for those on which I prey and whom will pay when I go to take my toll: their brain!" 11min episodes [drawing of a television show logo] Subtle nautical theming. All solid colors: animated Cop outfits look like fascist sailor moon [drawing of "zombieish" fascist cop. does indeed look like fascist sailor moon. caption: Think "Dollar Tree" fascism x sailor moon x zombies] They're not zombies though! They're cannibals. (Also racist sexist etc) - Cannibal cops never win - _All_ violence looks cool as fuck and is on screen but is unmistakeably bad nonetheless and often counter-productive - There are 0 good cops that don't die within 5mins of being introduced I'm uninterested in journaling about my experiences - I've already lived them once Actual hot glue gun [drawing of a gun] 2023年02月27日 I really wish I was smoking right now. I have some shitty hand rolled cigs I made and some nice filtered cigs [...] made and a weed roach that sorta fucked me up when I smoked it. But I think the dab pen rip after that was the thing that did most of the actual fucking, the joint was the cranial foreplay. But hey, getting high is an option. I'm considering changing my gs to have full loops like g or g. But I don't know how legible that is. [...] does everything capital which is cool but [...] said my lowercase script is really cool so now I'm doing that more and it's pretty neat. LLLL LL [...] that's so cool! I think the descriptor "manwhore" is in-accurate in most contexts because someone who has intercourse with a ton of people for fun is (as insult or owned attribute) a "slut" whereas when the same is done for material gain the doer is a "whore". I see "manwhore" used in contexts where "slut" would be more apt, and never when the man is simply a whore. "Manwhore" defies traditional gender stereotypes by shaming men for having sex with lots of women in a society where diverse secual experience is seen as a positive trait for men and negative for women, and is valuable for that reason, but I don't see that its use is groovy if we're gonna evolve past the prudish views of antiquity in general. It is really hard for me to compose a sentence on paper, even as opposed to use of a keyboard. I like the tactility of my Sharpie and the absolute black of the ink on the page but my writing ability is poor and my writing skills moreso! [a drawing of the pattern of the tiles on the floor at my location] [with markings indicating syllabic stress] Green sign sunlight sharpie paper The green sign sunlight paper and sharpie I will use this time or die of thinking Burger King gas station food and parking If I wasn't here I would be sleeping Liberals' defining quality is an aversion to conflict. Liberalism is the default political stance in metropolia - a reasonable and innoffensive set of views nobody has to think about, but can if they're particularly bored. Meanwhile Conservativism is the other side of the same coin - a lack of tolerance for change, and a want to undo changes done. Without a spine Conserv- ativism cannot effectively be opposed. Liberals and particularly the United States' Democrat party only take stances that are to them sufficiently obviously correct. Gay rights are good only after it's weird for them not to support gay rights. Trans rights are still up for debate. [...] is so fucking cool!!!!!! [shading study drawing] [drawing of Rockstar can on top of television] Impossible to see me here so don't even try cuz' I'll just go dissapear [sic] I can fade out into the crowd just an other black field jacket walking down town cape cod cannible [sic] police episode one: pilot MARTINEZ & FISHER sit on a park bench; plainclothes police officers MARTINEZ: Hey Fisher. FISHER: Yeah? M: Why do we always get sent to watch the poor part of town? F: How do you mean? M: Cape Cod is a rich town. Most parts here are rich parts. But we send the on-duty cops to watch this one neighborhood. F: Poor people taste better. M: Do they? F: Have you ever eaten the rich? M: We ate that one dude. F: And he tasted like shit. M: Yeah. F: Yeah. Because he was old as shit. M: So we take in young rich people. F: Then their parents ask questions. Where's Johnny? M: Our shitters. F: Our shitters. And they ask why we didn't call them, and where their tax dollars are going, and why we're watching the rich neighborhod. M: There's no crime here. F: No shit. But rich people get out of their shit for free. Rich people have friends, family, lawyers... M: Yeah. I cannot get subpoenaed. F: Neither can I! M: I just think like, people avoid us. F: Well, we eat people. M: Yeah, and people know that, so they don't go near us, so we can't get them for anything. F: They stay inside. And we can't go door to door. M: Fourth amendment. Like, if we went to the rich part, those people don't avoid us. We could eat. F: Short term. M: I guess. F: We have to think about sustainability. <^>
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