ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	That edible definitely worked.

	Last summer my roommate's mother had a gathering, the day I got out of
isolation for COVID-19. I hesitantly went outside, keeping my mask on, and
socialized, a task at which I'm bad on a good day. Eventually I found a place
to sit by a bonfire and got talking to a dude next to me.
	He told me about how his son couldn't have gluten, dairy, meats, or
anything like that. Some affliction I had previously heard of but the name
escapes me now. The dietary restrictions were tight and the father kept to the
same ones. Eating can be a very social activity and being excluded is isolating
- if they couldn't find a place to accomodate, at least they could commiserate.
I thought that was really sweet and told him so. The evening turned to night
and we watched the lightning bugs dance in the lawn.
	During that conversation I mentioned he should come to the restaurant
at which I was a cook, because I could accomodate for the diet. I could do a
salad or something, I had all the ingredients for that even though it wasn't
the place's specialty. The next day as I toiled a barista from the front of the
house came back to the kitchen and explained to me that she'd had a customer
ask if we could do anything gluten-, dairy-, egg-, and meat-free. I said I
could totally do a salad. She said she'd already explained that we couldn't
really do much for that and sent him on his way. That evening I went outside by
myself and watched the lightning bugs dance in the lawn.

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