ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-02-16 [0252] nyauseous at the idea of migrating accounts call that motion sickness [0256] brain melter let the soup run out your nose i want u to sniffle at the sight of me i want you to need another dose [0256] i need a sound cloud [2:58 AM] trinity: at night when the console cowboys have crashed and the fans fade to the soft whooshing of the liquid cooling [2:58 AM] trinity: and the only messages flowing through the ethernet towards the superhighway are those of tired overstimulation [2:58 AM] trinity: at every third message [2:58 AM] trinity: there is a tone [2:59 AM] trinity: leave a message after the beep [0326] noooooooo you're supposed to be the one barking for me [0327] post good girl clarity [0328] and the machine girl album ended at the same time I'll let you in on a little secret. I test my scripts maybe 6 times per line of code. Which sounds like a lot but I overuse pipes and logic operators so per actual unit or whatever of code that's like nothing. I am a rat bastard when it comes to software development. Hacking RSS onto my blah... And you don't seem to understand... Come on, fuck me emo boy! Antero - Office Robert [lastname] is a simple dude office guy whatever but it turns out his past self put him in the office to catch a crook or something. fun little plot twister that introduces the concepts of antero - Downward An addict spends all day whether or not to have another dose. Meanwhile, a couple decides whether or not to stay together, and Robert investigates a ghost in an apartment building. - Sisyphus Books are written, lotteries are won, dissidents are slaughtered, and Robert looks into cognitohazards being hidden on traffic lights in Melbourne. - Hell Robert doesn't make it out of a hostage situation gone horrifically wrong. - Heaven Robert's afterlife. - God Some kids mess around with electrodes and a brain they found on the side of the road. - Hamburgers Durmer Burger is built atop cheap land. I had a dream I could get human cadavers really easily so I got a shit ton and dissected like 20 in one go. Now we know what the yucky ah was are but I wanted to know what a stomach was because it was the 1800s. walk up to this bitch that I once dated say happy birthday she says it's belated fucker wear an eyepatch his dick's arr rated tellin me to step back 'fore I get castrated TRINITY RAP IDEA NO STEAL <^>
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