ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



[...]:	That's bad stuff, Trin. That could kill you.
Trin:	I dunno...

	We're naked sitting with our knees to our necks in the bathtub across
from each other. We're in a bathroom in the castle, the walls are a desaturated
lime green and the floors are an art deco style tile, each tile about an inch
square and patterned in red and white into swirls and other spiral patterns.
The bathtub is porcelain, raised off the ground. There's no spigot but there is
a shower curtain that sits next to the thin window far off the floor. You raise
your hand to grab mine, extend my fingers, hold your hand out and brush my
fingertips with yours. You take a scalpel from nowhere and grip my finger but I
don't struggle. You slice vertically through the tip of my middle finger. The
blood runs down my finger to the end of my palm where it stains the bottom of
the tub. I look at the stain on the tub, the pattern of the drops, but you
brush my chin with your other hand and bring my gaze up to yours. You use my
finger to paint from the center of your forehead to the tip of your nose, a
line under each eye, under your lip until the end of your chin. My blood is
clotting, you didn't cut deep enough. You lean towards me. I do the same. You
whisper to me. I can't hear it. And you're gone. And I'm alone in a bathtub and
a pond of red in a sea of white, and I'm cold and thirsty.

	Divorce speedrun.

	Jigsaw is a boomer.

[0223] fediv erse!!!!!!!!!!!
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                           whispering) (get in close) hey hey i am swag
                           hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am swag i am so swag


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