ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;




	- Amber
		The discovery of the Ideal Human; Amber is the ubermensch of
the 20XXs. Conspiracy theories immediately start to swirl regarding a drift
from the ideal ("the fall of the West"-ish) with the legitimacy of early Q
posts (i.e. no legitimacy whatsoever). Mix 2019-12 COVID knowledge with 2016 Q
knowledge basically and you get the Amber phenomenon. Explores the actual (made
up) science behind Amber, the realization that this discovery is sort of
worthless, and the pickup of Amber by the right wing mobs and accusations of
suppression etc.
	- Slipstream
		The thesis of the story; already drafted.
Day 1
	- Placeholder title
		Ambulance driver gets ready for work.
	- Ted's Last Day
		Ted's first building burned down, his work. An accounting firm
working with JCN. Mention soup, barely mention JCN (just once), mention wife,
go from his lunch break to ignition.
	- Placeholder title
		Reveal that Slipstream was just a narration of Ada's last [X]
years to the coffee shop owner. Conversation about loss. Conversation about
domestication - Ada's been basically working the same job for like a hundred
years, how has she kept in touch with reality? 
	- Placeholder title
		Follow Ted's wife out of the building into some stupid ass
meeting or whatever. Why did she go with Ted's boss? etc
	- Placeholder title
		Meanwhile Ted is fighting the first responders to the office
fire. Why are there so few responders? Steals a fire truck and fucks shit up,
also brutally kills an ambulance driver, the one from the first chapter of this
	- Placeholder title
		Police get involved. The news hears over the radio and
considers getting involved. Ted crushes the police and walks off. In-police
bickering over how this could have happened.
	- Placeholder title
		News find Ted burning down misc. shit and interview him. Ted
starts to amass a following. Ada finds this happening and doesn't consider it's
important. Meanwhile Ted's wife (Minerva) and Ted's boss are doing things.

Out of steam. And midnight's passed.


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