ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-02-06 2022年03月02日 ウサギ- I went to the dentist. No co pay. Hell yeah! My teeth are good. Still working on my taxes. I have a feeling I won't be giving you this journal. Maybe I will. It just seems like you're a bit distant. It's getting more and more embarrassing to wear a Soviet watch. Watching Peacemaker (2022). Pretty good. Saw the Blade trilogy. Pretty bad A couple days ago someone said "there's only a couple seconds left" at work probably about a cook time. Said I: "only a couple seconds left? I've gotta call-" And then I realized, for all I've done, I'm probably the first person of which nobody would think at the world's end. It's okay but it hurts. And that's of what I've recently been thinking My room is messy to a considerable yet probably easily remedable extent but I just can't bring myself to clean it. I don't know why. One of my old teams made the news for [...] attacks on [...] or however you spell it. Nobody knows how racist they are but I don't think it would change their public image. And the PR group is full of lamers still... Working 1130-2000 or something like that. Today will probably be bad but we'll see. Can always be worse... Double Junior Whopperless! Let's make that Hopperless! We are show stopperless Because we are so obvious! [unintelligible drawing] Burger Hell! [picture of a stick figure saying "12 fish"] [picture of the stick figure next to a square] [2 piles of 6 circles] [picture of a stick figure saying "done"] The customer came in and ordered 12 fish sandwiches. After they were made and sent out (which took fifteen minutes or so) they changed their mind and ordered 12 veggie burgers instead. We were left with 12 fish sandwiches. I considered taking them home and freezing them and having them for every meal for a couple weeks but I tried one and it was so bad I threw it out and told management to just throw them out. [3:40 PM] AllisonHell: sounds like an mcr song [3:40 PM] AllisonHell: pricking ink under ur skin thinking of meeeeeee - some Midwest emo [3:48 PM] trinity: i'm stealing that I'm strung out in my bed staring up at a screen that I keep on my wall playing fond memories and you're out at the stream sucking venomous things and you pick at your skin and you're thinking of me but I'm out and the light and the cathode ray beam and you're pricking your skin and turning it green and the red and the blue and the black and the pink and I can't think of you but you scream there for me Am I such a villain? Am I such a bleeding heart fool? That you can't cope now That you cut it and bleed out by that tool? Am I such a bitch now? That you can't deal with the pain and now you're gonna bleed out and now I'll carry all the blame [4:16 PM] AllisonHell: oh wow I cut myself on that edge Today I went to the whatever surgeon to see what my teeth were doing. Turns out they're being super mega bastards and the wise guys (wisdom teeth) are putting pressure on (impacting) the civies (molars) and if the situation continues things could get hairy (get fucked). So now I need $2500 to get my wisdom teeth out. Time to pawn all my shit! I have to figure out my insurance but the dentist said my non-wise teeth are rad and kick mega ass so that's nice. <^>
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