ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	Jesus it's cold... I gotta move someplace warmer... like Hell...

	Applied for my passport today. I called the cab company at 0730 and
they said they'd sent a cab as soon as possible. Then at 0755 the cab arrived
and, knowing the trip would take like 15 minutes, I told the cabbie if they got
me to the post office to apply for the passport by 0800 I'd tip them $20. Four
minutes of extremely haphazard driving later I was down $33 and on time for the
appointment. It took like five minutes to actually apply because I'd already
filled out all of the paperwork so I was out of there and at work within the
hourish. Good times.

	Kingslayer by Bring Me the Horizon ft. BABYMETAL goes so fucking hard.
Like, so so hard. The mosh pit for the song is also usually fucking kickass.
I wanna be a kingslayer!

	It's fucking cold outside. says this:
curl: (92) HTTP/2 stream 0 was not closed cleanly: INTERNAL_ERROR (err 2)
	Accuweather says this: [-8 deg C]
	The forecast for Friday (tomorrow) afternoon says -10 deg C with 32km/h
winds ("RealFeel": -23). Saturday afternoon -16. "RealFeel" -31. If it gets any
lower I'm gonna have to set the thermostat to Kelvin. Jack Frost is a son of a

	My -->ANECDOTAL<-- caffeine knowledge is this.
	Tolerance is built up gradually. 80mg might stim a househusband, 300mg
might barely be enough to keep a prole awake. Cup of coffee is between 40 and
80mg. If you're drinking coffee you might as well crank it up to however strong
you want. Most people don't need caffeine, they drink coffee because of peer
pressure and it feels good at first but eventually the tolerance takes over and
it has basically no effect. You have to have a really long tolerance break to
actually reset your tolerance, it's not worth it to go on a break unless you're
trying to quit. CDC recommends like 400mg max for a healthy adult, 500 is a
good amount to actually get work done, at like 600-700 (varies per person) you
just get wacked out and don't accomplish anything. 1000-1500mg puts you in a
state of euphoric zen if you have a strong tolerance and literally kills you if
you don't have a tolerance. 2000mg kills you or a horse, both if portioned
carefully. If you overdose you're super mega fucked and painfully so; muscle
fuckiness and brain fog. Drink like 2L of water, piss, repeat until you start
to feel okay, the residual effects you have the day after will follow you for
the rest of your life. Monster 300 is like the highest caffeine potency you can
get in an energy drink so if you wanna consume caf either homebrew strong ass
coffee (boil a pot down to a cup or something) or spend like $20 on Monster and
enjoy ketoacidosis. Caffeine kills for realzies so don't overdo it and listen

	As far as I know, and as much as I should,
	say that the powers that beckon are good,
	I have to admit that they've broken a lot
	of promises better to better and not
	one of their oaths has been filled, just forgot.
	They just make more work to do and then do it and stop
	the betters from bettering and raising the top
	of standards to better than there was before
	the powers that beckon took hold of the floor.

	Scott pulled back the bolt and the AA battery spit out of the side of
the rifle. He reached in his pocket and grabbed another one, pushed it into the
chamber, made better aim, closed his eyes, fired. The blast burned a hole
in his sight even through his eyelids but other than the temporary optical
degradation he was unharmed. His target, however, subject to the full power of
a 3Ah battery spent in half a second, had a hole burnt through his suit and
through himself.
	Then he felt a pinprick and knew a sparrow's talon, another of his
generation's angels of war, with its thin tungsten shaft and dainty uranium
barbs, had gotten lodged in his back. He turned around and shot the offending
kid with a Glock.

	I'm standing in an empty parking lot
	snow is falling from the sky
	it's such an empty parking lot, now
	snow is falling from the sky

	I held the car door handle
	snow started falling from the sky
	I sighed and got my baggage handled
	snow started falling from the sky

	I'm standing in an empty parking lot
	and snow is falling from the sky
	I'm smoking a nearly finished cigarette
	and snow is falling from the sky

	I opened the car door
	and I turned and asked you why

	and you said there's nothing to remember
	snow is falling from the sky

[...]:	You should fuck Bs instead of As because Bs have two holes.
Trin:	What does that mean???
[...]:	Another one is, 'you should go fuck yourself with a T because it has a
Trin:	No, seriously, what does that mean???

Earl     of   I.fel       a tell vis   but I don't remember why.
Earlier toupe I felt      a tell visio but I don't remember why.
Earlier today I felt like a television but I don't remember why.
Ear  er to    I felt like a  elevi  on but I don't remember why.
E r   r  o    I felt like a   lev   on but I don't remember why.
E r   r  o      fel                 on but I don't remember why.

after monster #4: hiiii
after monster #7: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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