ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-01-25 Trinitisms: It's not preferable to drink from plastic. I was really pleasantly surprised to see people's caring about microplastics hit the mainstream. This is half about that and half just that I don't like the texture of most plastic things relative to metal cans or glass. Except straws, I love straws. Now reading: <> Service: Soundcloud - trn1ty I had a dream last night I was walking in my neighborhood when this bald eagle swooped down to attack me. I happened to have a baseball bat with me so I hit it in its chest and it fell down on the ground. Then I beat it until it stopped moving and when it was dead I woke up. Band name idea: sourdough starter. Trinitisms: Don't put ice in beverages that aren't water, or they'll get watered down. I made this joke at work until everyone was sick of it and then put it on my website because I myself was not yet sick of it. Trinitisms: Don't think, feel. And you'll be tanasinn. Trinitisms: A string is an array of characters. I hate, hate, hate, HATE programming languages that don't let me index strings as if they're arrays. Or make me jump through hoops. C is perfect. Trinitisms: More magic is necessary. Referencing the famous magic / more magic hacker fairytale. Trinitisms: The only good programmers are the insane programmers. I miss you, Terry! Trinitisms: If less than one half of the packaging is in a non-Latin writing system, the noodles will be sub-par. I think I came up with this in high school. I prefer Shin Ramyun and use a Sunbeam Hot Shot to heat the water, the same since I started. I used to have a couple a day but now I rarely have that ramen. I can get a meal from a local Chinese restuarant and stretch it out to last me 3 days of meals. 辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛辛 I hope this Unicode works because it's tofu with the default xterm(1) font. I can't sleep. When I close my eyes I can see the inside of my mind. [2022-01-08T0128] trinity: proprietary vendor, proprietary problem Howard, what is flau x4c? Cassidy met Ada at the coffee shop for the second time for the second time. Ada spoke first. "How's your morning going?" "Fine. Weird, but fine." "Weird?" Cassidy smiled. "I screw dials into watches, that's my job. It smells weird. I just realized there's all kinds of dust in the air." Ada grew pale. "Dust in the air?" <^>
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