ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-01-22 Internet's out, repo's not cloned here, guess I'm writing this in a separate text file. This blah really is just a single large HTML file I edit (most of the time). I might start splitting it up but then I don't get to read previous stuff as I write. A lot of my revision process is just taking something I've written, copy pasting it into a new doc, and rewriting it word by word into something I like. It would be a lot harder to do if it was all separate text files. Honey, where did I put my arsonted_06.txt? I have a job I never really talk about here because I don't really like working and don't see why I should write about something I don't like. But my co-workers vaguely know of the existence of this blah so I figure I'll mention that. At least at this current job they do. Don't move up, move out. I make sandwiches. Fast food. It's no honorable occupation. xterm(1) is a program I really enjoy despite it technically being hot garbage. Someday maybe I'll fork it and fix it while keeping support for everything but probably not. maia arson crimew is so cool. I'd like to implement Fing for UNIX but better. It's definitely possible even in Just shell scripting. nmap(1), ping(1), etc. Immediately I'd like to write a history of pagers and some documentation for raspi-config(8). <^>
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