ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	What I found in Flipnote Studio 3D for my Nintendo 3DS:
	- 2019-09-25 0646:  9 frames. Bouncing ball demo.
	- 2019-10-11 1736: 28 frames. Bouncing ball demo (the ball is liquid).
	- 2019-12-16 1304: 30 frames. The word "FUCK" turns into strings and
                                      falls onto the floor. It recollects as
                                      a heart with "YOU" in the middle.
	- 2011-01-01 2110: 60 frames. A stick figure falls into the ground and
	  (likely a clock             leaves an impression in the snow; climbs
	   issue)                     out. Letters appear above them: "SOVIETS
                                      WITHOUT A PARACHUTE (tm)
	- 2011-09-30 1004:  4 frames. A stick figure masturbating.
	  (likely a clock
	- 2020-11-09 2257: 55 frames. A stick figure waits at a dinner table
                                      holding a fork and knife, wearing a bib.
                                      Another stick figure slides a dish to the 
                                      other end of the table. The first stick
                                      figure looks down and their mouth extends
                                      into crocodile-like jaws before they take
                                      a bite out of the entire section of the
                                      table with the dish. The second stick
                                      figure extends their mouth likewise and
	- 2020-11-10 2302:  2 frames. A small drawing of a teddy bear next to
                                      the shaky words くまちゃん: <BR />
	- 2020-11-16 1746:  2 frames. Words on top of a flashing yellow and
                                      white background: i <3 LOOTERS.

	Today I tried playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the
Nintendo DS. It was too hard and I've given up. Half the puzzles are total
bogus (you have one match and want to heat your bathtub, start a fire, and
light your lamp; which do you light first?.. your match). The story looks good
and I like the FMV cutscenes. Maybe I'll find an edit of all of them on-line.
	I rediscovered Paper Airplane Chase (DSiWare) which I had when I was a
very small child on my DSi XL. I played it a lot and enjoyed it but now it
looks to me like it's probably an asset flip of some part of another game.
Maybe WarioWare?
	In total people owe me $545. I'm hoping I can get that by the time next
month's rent is due.

/home/trinity/Pictures/the_end_of_the_world.webm (2021-03-04 2104; 3991 KB;
origin unknown)

	00:00: A picture of Tim and Moby from MobyMax.
	00:00: A picture of Captain Underpants.
	00:01: A picture of a Nintendo Wii.
	00:02: The poster for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011).
	00:02: A screenshot from PAPA's TACO MIA.
	00:03: A picture of a kid with outstretched hands displaying
	00:03: Bodycam footage of an officer shooting a figure in the desert.
	       Dated 2018-10-10 1454.
	00:04: Video of a police officer shooting a man in the street. The
	       police officer behind him is held back by a bystander.
	00:04: Video of a TSA agent searching a child for weapons.
	00:05: Video of another TSA agent searching a toddler in a wheelchair
	       for weapons.
	00:06: A screen capture of a computer system using facial recognition
	       to track school class attendance.
	00:06: A screenshot from a TSA body scanning computer.
	00:07: A Department of Defense press release showing 3D render of an
	       "active denial system".
	00:08: Footage from a massacre at a mosque in Christchurch, New
	00:09: A screen capture of a computer system tracking the positions of
	       students at a school.
	00:09: Footage of a police officer pulling a police canine off of a
	00:10: A picture of a poster at a school. Visible is a yellow smiley
	       face with "Smile" above and "You're on camera!" below. To the
	       right visible is the following fragment:
	                                                            Our new bus
	                                                          you have a sa
	                                                           We have pros
	                                                        and graffiti on
                                                         (italic) You are being
                                                      (italic) bus. So just sit
	                                                              WE WILL P
	00:10: A snippet from Sunday Today with Willie Geist, headline: JEFFREY


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