ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2023-01-03 2022-12-07 I don't think about thinking, I just think it and I think even when I can't think about anything else I think about my thoughts about the day it left me and I think about it I can't think about anything else I think about Venus and the moon and the sun and I think about when they came and killed everyone I think about the last time us two had some fun and I think about when we came and killed everyone The sky is falling off the mountains and sirens filling my brain and the smoke attack the smoke grenades the blood in the lane the sky is on the edge of the earth and there are cracks in the night and the SWAT team and the G-men and the federal fight 2022-10-08 1 The one hun dred me ter sprint . . . . . 2 and it's you that's dead in last . . . . . 3 When . will you just ad mit . . . . . . 4 You aren't win ning in this lap . . . . . 5 You mean no thing . to me . I'm try ing . my best . . . . . 6 You're a hu man . dis ease . And my best is good e nough . . . . 7 I gave it all to you . . Leave me a lone . I'm tir ed . . . 8 And then you just col lapsed . . of this stuff . . . . . . . . 9 You di dn't go for the gold . I ne ver went for the gold . I . . went for the gold . . . 10 You went for the sil ver . . I went for the sil ver . . And I got the sil ver . . . . 11 And now you're get ting old . . And now I'm get ting old . . I'm look ing at the bronze . . . . 12 And my hair is tur ning sil ver And your hair is tur ning sil ver Throw my me dal in the ri ver . . 13 . How could you do this to me? . How could I do this to you? . Is it hap pi ness I seek? . . 14 . Keep me out of the . loop . I thought I made it ea sy . All this time I've been so sad . . 15 . And at the end of the day . And at the end of the day . I'm so god damn in com plete . . 16 . I lost out in the race . . You lost out in the race . . I want what you guys have . . . A lot of what I do is foreshadowed by other stuff I do. Before Blang (still in development and not even publicly released) was the configuration system for ytfeed, which was weird in some areas. The behavior was mostly due to side effects. Then Usagi, a similar fantasy computer but with much loftier goals than Blang which never really came to fruition. When it came to making an RSS feed reader, after (which started as a proof of concept out of boredom using some Python RSS module or something) sort of collapsed from technical debt (look, I can use buzzwords too) I really wanted to take and expand it to be more UNIXy and KISSy but lost motivation. I had a couple attempts after that such as "awdri", which has one file with: #!/usr/bin/env python config = [ "feed_dir": "/home/trinity/awdri/Feeds" ] But I don't even know what that was gonna be. Eventually I came up with pigfeed which is a half-decent base for an RSS feed reader, I think. Plus its model and design are delightful though undercooked. 2022-10-21 The End of the World, And What Happened Next 1. "Put your money in the wishing well, and your wish may well come true." The beggar turned to me, his rotted teeth spitting through the phrase. "The wishing well?" I looked into the field behind him. I didn't see any well. "It's not a <I>real</I> well. It's a wallet number. Put in a coin and reap good luck for the rest of your life." He handed me the business card of a preacher in the church across the street behind us. On the back was a hexadecimal wallet code, 512-bit – a legacy address, scrawled in ballpoint. I could hardly make out the 1s from 7s or the 4s from 9s. I put it in my shirt pocket. "An entire coin? I thought beggars usually wanted a fiver or tenner?" He stared into me with orange eyes. Tattooed irises, probably to go with his hair. "It's not my wallet. Wanna miss out?" He waved his arms out. "Your loss!" 2. Simon was sitting at his desk filling forms when he saw kamisama from his upstairs window. She disappeared into the forest across the street. He quickly ran downstairs into the trees to find her sitting on a stump at a stream, brushing her hair. "Where have you been? I haven't heard you in days." Simon started to retie his right shoe which was too loose. "Are you avoiding me?" Kamisama spoke quietly. "They're trying to take me away." Simon finished the bunny ears and double knotted it. "Who?" "I don't know. But I'm disappearing." Simon sat on the stump. "Is it me? We knew this might happen eventually." Kamisama shook her head. "No, we can't part yet. I don't want you blindly leading yourself. Someone is doing this to you." -1. "I don't know what's worth putting a coin in an anonymous wallet, but whatever it is, I don't need it anyway." I started to walk away. He yelled behind me. "Fine! You just ignored the best opportunity of your life!" I kept walking. <^>
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