ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;





	[21:07] Well I'm in New York for the first time in my life, so I
figured I'd take a moment and do a, a bona fide audio blog- a- audio, what is
that, an aog? I dunno. Because, uh, there ain't no way I'm gonna get a chance
to sit down and type this, um, my first thought, uh, approaching New York, was
"My God, the city smells like soy sauce!" and it might have been the car. It
might have been me. I dunno. But uh, now I'm- now I'm here. Um, it took a
little while to get here. I was gonna plan to meet up with, uh,
	[21:08] an acquaintance from back in- back in the /bpg/ days, when that
was a thing, um, but that sort of fell through. That's okay, another time. Um,
so I'm basically in the city now and I'm basically just walking around, um,
I've never been to New York City before. At one corner I saw a bunch of trash,
spilled, just like, a shrine to- a shrine to garbage. Shrine to- shrine to
waste. Um, I thought that was funny. I'm not taking a lot of pictures because,
	[21:09] pictures? Who needs pictures? Also my phone doesn't have a lot
of battery, and I could plug it in but I can't even find a goddamn place to
stand around, there are all these signs saying no standing any time? I have no
clue how you could forbid standing. Um, I see city bike things but I don't know
how to use these damn things. Um, but I guess I could bike if I figured them
out, but then I'd be bicycling, and that wouldn't be a whole lot better than
walking when I wanna take a pause. So, I dunno. But it would be nice to get
around the city a little bit faster. But I'm sorta- I'm sorta just taking it
in. Because this is wild. It's uh, it's smaller
	[21:10] than I expected from what my grandpa said but it's about what I
expected from what I thought, um, and it's raining and the streets are slick,
but for, towards the chilliest part of the year, it really ain't too bad around
here. I guess that's the uh, the 2022 New Year's- New Year's Eve heat wave or
whatever from our storm, a little bit prior, um, really washed away all the
snow, but yeah
	<"hey yeah"
	y'know, and uh-
	Hey. 'Sup.
	<"How are you doing?"
	Doing well, how 'bout you?
	<"You're very beautiful, what's your name?"
	Uh, Trinity, how 'bout you?
	Trinity, what's your name?
	<"That's a nice name."
	Thank you.
	<"Whatcha doing tonight?"
	Ah, y'know, just walkin' around.
	<"Uh, you live over here?"
	Nah, I live in Maine.
	<"Upstate? Oh, you got a hotel here?"
	Uh, yeah, I'm staying in a, uh, staying nearby.
	<"Uh, have you ever had a, like, have you ever had a big black dick?"
	<"Have you ever had a big black dick?"
	<"Would you like that?"
	<"You should try it. You might like it."
	Y'know, maybe some other time, I'm sorta just here visiting family.
	<"Alright, well I need you to give me some head real quick. Before
you go."
	I don't think I will.
	<"You don't have no choice."
	Nah, I don't think I will.
	<"I'm a murderer, you know that?"
	<"I'm joking. Have a good night."
	Uh huh. You too.
	Well, that was something. But that's New York. Still got my wallet.
Still got my keys.
	[21:12] Still got my compass. Still got my phone. But, that was... huh.
Anyway. So, wait, I should probably say that, what he said again, because I
don't know if it it came through but he said [...] yeah. I dunno. Y'know, it's
nice to be desired. That guy was gonna chop me up into pieces but it's nice to
be desired. Y'know, I have very low standards. [...]
	[21:13] So now I'm walking back where I came. "Duane Reade by
Walgreens". I wonder what that is. Um, [...], honestly if he didn't say that,
if he just asked politely, I probably would have. Um, but y'know. I should
probably check myself out for trackers later but.
	[21:14] ... I like the- I like the ambience of the city. The honk honk.
The sirens that echo across the street. That really fill the- fill the noise
up, with harsh shrill, but only for a little bit, then it returns back to the
quiet ring-a-ding, buzz-a-buzz. There's a lot more people on these tricycle
sort of things, that can
	[21:15] carry people. I, I never saw one before I went here. And
there's some buses, and apparently there's a Niel Diamond Broadway show or
something. And yeah, I'm pretty much taking turns at random. This must be an
Oakley shop or something. But uh, y'know, it's peaceful. And tonight's New
Year's Eve, and uh, probably not gonna be able to see the ball drop. Because I
would need to get in a huge crowd and be searched and wouldn't be able to use
the bathroom, yadda yadda yadda. And I ain't really,
	[21:16] I'd rather just chill out. I like goin' to the places where the
people aren't, because usually the interesting things are the things not seen
by everybody. Are there any public bathrooms in New York? Also I definitely
went this way already. I uh, I went to a pizza place, and I think I got the
wrong order. But they said something to me, and I didn't quite understand it,
because it was in Spanish and, I mean, I- I can pick out some phrases, like I
can recognize what you're
	[21:17] speakin', I can recognize the language, but I cannot translate
especially on the fly so I just stared blankly at them and then they laughed
and it wasn't what I ordered but it was alright pizza. "Psychic readings"? "$10
special"? Are these the psychic readings?
	Oh, cool.


	[21:20] That psychic reading was almost completely wrong, but, it's fun
to do it. I wonder how they come up with these things. Uh, they said I don't
usually speak my mind, which is untrue, usually take responsibility for things,
which is true, um, I do what I want when I want, which is true, but, I don't
sleep as well as I used to, which, I sleep probably better than I ever have.
But, y'know, that's fun. They don't have anything like that in Maine. Walking
through some scaffolding now. This is- "sprinkler fire department connection",
y'know I wonder how they design big buildings like this, I wonder how they add
to them. But not enough to actually look it up
	[21:21] because it's probably really boring. ... Oh, gone in a circle
again, but, it's fun. Um, I'd like to get up, to a position where I can see the
ball drop, but I don't think that's gonna happen. Sorta just walking around.
	[21:22] I can see ah, Radio City Music Hall, which, my grandmother went
to Radio City Music Hall, when she was a lass, and, she was disturbed by the,
uh, frivolous fragrant- the fragrant pandering to the male gaze. That's how I
would describe it. That's probably not how she would describe it, but, it's
about what she said.
	[21:23] All the songs playing are songs about New York. But we're in
New York. Um, something something simulacrum? I dunno, I never read
Baudrillard. Probably just gonna keep going down this street. Uh, passing
West 48th, this is, what, oh, Avenue of the Americas, that's pretty cool.
	[21:24] Do I have any other cool things I've observed in New York City?
Not really. It's very rainy and there's not a lot to do when it's raining. You
can duck under things, sure, but, only for the moment. I suppose you could do
so for a longer moment but, I don't know. I'm a stranger in a strange land.
When in Rome, do as Romans do. And they ain't doing that. But they are tooting
horns very loudly.
	<"Five dollars, five dollars, five dollars. Five dollars. Five
	[21:25] When I, uh, when I went to do that palm reading, uh, I put a
twenty dollar bill down on the slightly wet but mostly covered table, um and, I
thought this would go straight down. Well I'll walk back then. Um, I was like
"You got change for a 20?" because it was a $10 palm reading and they were
like, er- well, not really a palm reading, more like a psychic prediction, and
I said- and they said "No, but I can do a full palm reading for uh, for $40."
And I said "Can you do a half palm reading, for $20?" And they said no but then
they said they felt bad and they'd give me a partial palm reading.
	[21:26] So I did get a half palm reading, for $20 - a bargain in New
York City. ... I love languages, but I'm not much of a people person. I guess
I'm more cut out for linguistics than actual translation. Ah, it's a little
apple because it's the big apple. Um,
	[21:27] yeah. There's a Major League Baseball store, I guess. I didn't
expect so much litter. I also expected the air to be a lot worse, um, one of my
friends who went here said you feel a lot more tired after walking in New York
than in Maine but I think it's because the weed is a lot stronger here.
	[21:28] And he was probably blazing up. Alright, recording off.


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