ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	I occasionally write blahposts a day in advance. And who will stop me?

[10:14 AM] Daruna_: Have y'all seen the [...] circle?
[10:14 AM] Daruna_:
[10:28 AM] Segmentation fault: in any case, not only is this parental fascism,
                               i assume they log literally all data on your
                               home network considering you're giving them
                               access to it
[10:39 AM] Daruna_: I've never heard the term parental fascism before, but I
                    kinda fuck with it. They're a lot of fascistic normalized
                    behaviors in parenting that are just straight up abuse.
[10:50 AM] meatgrinder #1 hypocrite: you two.... It's called SAFETY

	"Parental fascism" is a pretty good term for it, I think. Parents get
goaded into tracking their kids, because tracking kids makes money for the
people for the people doing the tracking. It normalizes the feeling of being
surveilled - a comfort blanket made out of eyes and ears. I was gonna say more
but I just realized I don't have anything new to bring to this, so who cares.

	I found something in /home/trinity/bak/Documents/dog.odt:


I would like to become a dog

	I have been housesitting the residence of the family of a friend of
mine who are all currently vacationing (specific activity unknown) in Florida
right now in 2021 (- he and his company are all vaccinated against the current
pandemic). His family, particularly his mother and aunt, take care of three
well-behaved and often adorable dogs whom I shant name for their (the dogs' and
the family's) privacy, and the responsibility fell to me, which was at first
exciting in a bad way but is now boring in a good way. I care not only for but
about the dogs, and I like to think they care about me though they are
incapable of ever caring for me in quite the same way. But even if they don't,
it doesn't matter. They still behave, still go outside when I'd like them to
please urinate on the grass and not the hardwood floor, and still will sleep
next to me if not for companionship then for warmth. I am okay with this.
	Essentially, I am a robot (in the sense that my actions to take care of
the dogs is automatic, and that I don't need significant input nor pay) in
servitude to these dogs – it's not that I mind, of course; I do love these dogs
even if they may not love me (are dogs capable of sentient love?). And this
concept is interesting. They essentially live in their paradise; they go
outside every 2-3 hours (whenever they move around usually it's because they'd
like to move around outside) and exercise their bodily functions out there when
need be, they play with each other and at least seem to have intellectual
stimulation out in the back yard, and they all get as much water as they want
and two get food whenever they want (the larger one has a stricter diet of two
cups of more wholesome food in the morning and at night). They are in heaven
and I am the robot that serves them. When I am off-line, others are there to
serve them. When others are off-line, even others will serve them. I would like
to be a dog.
	Though, specifically, I would like to be a being that has its physical
needs met always and that is intellectually stimulated with equal peers with
which to interract. Why is this not possible? Robots certainly exist, and
certainly there is enough food in the world to feed everybody who needs food,
and certainly with wastewater recycling and other means of conserving the
environment there could be enough water for everyone, and it's not hard to make
a bathroom fit for humans (just make sure it's not where they eat), and it's
not hard to make this a suburban reality (for contact with both nature and
peers), and intellectual stimulation can be provided by peers and by the
environment. With automation, anyone can be a dog. Yet it seems like only the
wealthy are dogs. But dogs don't spend money! What need do they have for
overabundant wealth?
	God Damn Capitalism.	

	Alright, it's now actually 2022-12-30. I wanted to save my New Year's
Eve thoughts for New Year's Eve just in case I have something useful to say.

	I'm probably gonna formally give up on Arson Comics (<>)
because it's hard to follow up on it and I think the writing was somewhat poor
from the get go. I'll try to write a successor, bit by bit, in this blah.

	Ted walked through the wasteland of his former workplace as it burned.
He could smell the sweet benzene in the gasoline that had begun to ignite and
feel the summer heat, the artificial heat, his artificial heat from his embers.
Lucid yet still almost in a drunk trance he paced from the stairs to the door
as his co-workers rushed around him to get out of the burning building. A siren
called in the distance.
	He recalled himself as he left the office building. Someone - Todd? -
grabbed him "How could you do this?!"
	Ted only knew what he had just done as a dream or very distant memory.
"What?" He seemed to, almost as though he was a computer or automaton, reset to
his known state. "I'm Ted." He smiled a weak, nervous smile. "I love my job."

	Every once in a while I write program code that I think is truly
brilliant - difficult to figure out, but once I have, I'm amazed at how well it
works. Then I realize it doesn't work.

	hubris (noun) - hyoo͞′brĭs
1.	Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance.
2.	Excessive pride, presumption or arrogance (originally toward the gods).
3.	overbearing pride or presumption
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

	I hate it when blogs use Substack because I know it's gonna annoy me
with a cookie banner or e-mail popup or whatever. Tosu gets my e-mail and only
Tosu's Substack because she's really cool. If I don't know you you aren't
getting my e-mail /even though it's public/ because if you're asking you're
probably going to send me things I don't care about. Medium is much, much
worse. Just get a website and learn HTML. Right-click this page and hit "view
source"! It's not pretty but at least it doesn't ask for your e-mail.

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	I'm glad to have such strange friends who would probably give me their
e-mail if I had an input box on this page, but maybe that's a testament to how
similarly strange I am. 「ヤバイ」は補足。

	And now today's the Eve of the New Year. 0319. But I wanted to share
this cool link here:
	This is my favorite photo of a sunset.


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