ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2022-12-28 Get up doggy. Please! Here's a thesis on which I never elaborated, that I wrote for this blah. 2022-12-18 ; cat drugs.txt "Drugs are bad" is something I say to myself while I sip my morning coffee and puff my cigarette, reading the newspaper. Then I go to work and on my lunch break flag the dealer down on Main Street for crack and tell him my thoughts on the matter, and he laughs and asks how long I'm gonna be making the same joke, and oh probably another week or so. Drugs are bad in much the same way chemicals are bad, and crystals are bad, and molecules are blasphemous, and faith pays as long as you can still give to the church. Another: 2022-12-19 As part of my campaign for the worsening of the world (I'm not allowed to discuss my sponsors) my next trick will be to poke fun at websites. To me this "web" is a little service hosted on most websites at port 80 that will return reading material if I write a neat request in the format of the HyperText Transport Protocol (or HTTP). Fun! Usually, though, I get a program to automate this task for me. I like Firefox and Lynx, the latter more than the former though I use Fx the most. There have been a number of developments to the web I really don't like: - Cascading StyleSheets (or CSS). I remember when I could go into my browser settings and change the text color, font, and size, and the background color. Now when using Fx I'm at the mercy of the site designer who usually doesn't share my sensibilities, much less sense. Also not completed. I wrote something else that I liked but I don't know where I put it. Looking through computer backups makes me very lonely. I'm currently working on getting rid of most of my stuff - I really don't need much and it's weighing me down. But the reason I had so much damn stuff was because I was planning on spending my life with somebody. It's not so bad to be alone but I wish I had planned for it, or that my plans had worked out a little better. So it goes... At any given moment there are hundreds of accomplishable plots to end the world. Most are horrifying, some are near-completion, some aren't planned except in the back of the minds of men, where conscious thought breaks down and only the God-daemons are left to staff the console. The following four things strike me as things that are actually worrying: - TempleOS (reason: [...]) - blockchains (reason: From what little I know about the blockchain - which is really not a lot! - I wonder if it could become sentient. I wonder if it already is. Substitute "the blockchain" for your favorite.) The sudden growth of memes should worry me but it doesn't because when I dove into them I found them to be a very effective weapon, and that counter- attacks aren't too difficult to launch when needed. The main problems to be solved are automation and timing. I think the television show "Infowars" was actually just some convoluted but successful attempt to inoculate a critical mass of "true believers" (someone should come up with a term that isn't stupid) against certain ideas. By presenting itself in a way that is just outright silly and unbelievable except by the most gullible of its potential viewers, it discredits its ideas and those that repeat them. To say that there is veritable information warfare, in a way that is very new and very exciting strategically, would not be at all controversial unless this silly television show called "Infowars" with a kooky host and fake stories existed that discredits the idea. To say 5G will be very convenient for law enforcement to find and prosecute or persecute criminals or alleged criminals (politics may vary) would be to repeat common knowledge if the stuff of "Infowars"' ilk hadn't already presented 5G as some heinous conspiracy based not on the potential for geolocation based on access point connection triangulation (there's probably a better term for this but I don't draft and edit blahposts) but the idea that harmless radio waves are some evil wireless mind control plot or whatever. On a side note, I was tipped off to the wack part of 5G by someone in [...] back when I was loosely associated but included in communications. I've seen their claim repeated but don't have a citation. Empiracally (is that how you spell that?) though, if you need more 5G towers because the signal isn't very strong, an accessing device will have to be physically closer to a given tower, and so finding it will be easier if you know to what towers it's connected. Presumably cell providers know this (I don't know a lot about the nitty-gritties) and provide it to law enforcement - they do know cell location in 4G and prior technologies. But don't quote me - look stuff up and double check your damn sources! Why would Alex Jones give up his life, basically, just to tell some lies on a television show? Probably, though, he's just rage-drunk and struggling through withdrawal from slamming his fist on expensive desks. I'm mostly an ideas person. I wish I was more of an implementation person but I'm just not skilled enough yet. つづく <^>
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