ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	I think around the time of the last blah post I quit caffeine. I abused
the hell out of caffeine, I think more than all except a couple businessmen who
turned to the vegan alternative to cocaine, so let that be a cautionary tale -
four or five Monsters a day was my intake, or around 0.5g caffeine spread
across the day, intermittently over

- holy shit, kingpossum radio is playing Ghost by nelward. kingpossum radio

five or seven years or so, and i'm gonna be recovering from that for a little
while. My memory's really, really bad currently.
	Anyway I figured I'd do a little day in the life of Trinity tale. This
one's just describing a typical day but most of my days are weird and have some
complication that I have to deal with.

0750	casio f91w goes off. i hit it. i'm sleeping on the floor in a sleeping
	bag with a pillow. i take my medication and spend an hour or two
	reading random internet and web journals
1000	i go to work
1100	i get to work
1630	i have my break. i spend it reading random internet and web journals,
	or maybe soldering together something that has broken
1700	back to work
1900	i'm out of work. i spend an hour or two there reading random internet
	and web journals, or maybe soldering, or maybe programming or writing
2100	i walk home. maybe on the way i meet some nice people. hopefully pet
	their doggies if they have doggies
2200	i get home probably. i write some stuff
2300	i go to sleep (hopefully)
0100	i go to sleep (probably)

	I got my Pinephone back up and running the day after the last blah post
so I do have a phone again. It's kind of janky though.


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