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ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2022-10-31 I've decided today I'm gonna try all of the currently available Monster Cereals from General Mills, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry, in a single day, this Halloween. I couldn't find Fruit Brute even though it was supposedly re-launched this year and according to Wikipedia Fruity Mummy Yummy hasn't been available since 2014, so that's something for 2024 I suppose. Franken Berry, my breakfast today, was alright. It's fruity marshmallows with fruity grain cereal, sort of like a fruity version of Lucky Charms. I had it with skim milk which I prefer to the previous time I had it when I had it dry. I would prefer Cap'n Crunch, my favorite uber-sugary cereal, or Wheaties, my favorite breakfast cereal in general, but it was fine and if I were 8 years old I'd definitely enjoy it as much as any other breakfast cereal. It's worth noting that prior to my 2200-hour bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch a month or so ago I hadn't had breakfast cereal with or without milk since around 2019, so my tastes have been reset towards ramen and pizza (I'm not a particularly wealthy individual). I did consume probably a couple freighters' worth of breakfast cereal when I was a lass, particularly the supermarket's version of Coco Pebbles (Coco Dino Bites, I think?) which left the milk a thick chocolaty mess when finished the solid bits which gave 14 year old Trinity the sugar she needed to not fall asleep in math class, but as I got older I stopped having breakfast because I didn't need it, I needed to lose weight, and it saved me some money I could instead spend on cocaine and hookers. I have now had the Count Chocula for lunch. My stomach has begun to ache. The milk was rendered into chocolate by the time I was done with my two bowls, which was sick as fuck and quite enjoyable, but the milk is pummelling my pitiful soygirl stomach which cannot handle this monster lactose. I fear I shall die. This goal of mine, my dragon, will be slain, and Halloween 2022 and its great street cred will be in mine hands. In other news, I went to the bank to get some cash, and I think the teller thought I was a crazy person (to be fair, I am, but usually I pass as sane pretty well) because I don't know how banks work and I just wanted 200USD cash. Today I learned BBL = brazilian butt lift. I hasten to finish this blah post, to commit before November arrives. My goal of consuming all three available General Mills Monster Cereals was a success, though at what cost time will tell. My veins are glucose, my lungs take and give a bitter sweet sugary air. Possibly tomorrow I'll have developed type II diabetes, if not the simple affliction of death due to ketoacidosis. A fate dealt by a worthy opponent - breakfast cereal. Boo Berry was pretty good, I think the best. <^>
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