ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2022-10-27 psychological pay decline 8:00 snooze 8:15 snooze 8:30 snooze 8:45 snooze 9:00 snooze 9:15 time to wake up. I got dressed, took a shower, and walked to work. A much simpler time. "Seven hundred dollars. That's how much it cost for a tank of oil." The taxi driver today was talking about the economy, I think. "It's gonna be a hard winter." The lights dance on the dashboard in the still night and the wind whistles in the window and I spend most of my time in the cab mentally rehearsing my interaction with the chemist at the pharmacy. "I'd like to pick up a prescription." "I'd like to pick up a prescription." Really nail down that line. Yesterday I got a partial fill which got me through this morning. Every time I go to the pharmacy there's some sort of catch, some sort of issue that means I have to call someone and sort something out. This one was particularly bad in that the prescription was actually nixed because of the insurance and I had to get a new one, and they sent it to the wrong place. All this for two weeks' worth of a substance that isn't scheduled, doesn't really have any ab -usage, and is fairly common. It's such a hassle. I got some energy drinks and energy bars at the supermarket and had a dinner in a lawn outside before walking home. Now I get to go to sleep and do it all over again. 2022-09-30 [notes from the voice recorder] [20:53] Cap'n lo-. Cap'n- cap- cap- cap'n's log. Cap'n's log? Cap [sigh] cap'n's log. Mmm. Whatever. Trinity's log. Uh, heh, like, log, like [redacted] um Trinity's notes okay Trinity's notes um, what day is it today? September *pause* twenty, 2022 September 30. Um, [sigh], been moshing and other things this month. Don't really remember much of it. [20:54] But whatever it was, it was vibey. It was pretty vibey. Um, [redacted], that's pretty cool, um, I was gonna, I was gonna do a cool song idea [here], it- it would be cool for a rap, like, a triplet style rap, like, okay, like, picture this, like, like, fuckin and suckin and fuckin and suckin and fuckin and suckin and suck. Suck. Suckin and fuckin and fuckin and suckin and suckin and fuckin and fuck. Fuck. Something like that? I don't know. I don't know if that's already been done before, but that's a thought. [20:55] Um, I don't know for whom I should vote. It's end of September, we're getting into October, election happens November. Um, I know not Paul LePage because Paul LePage is a rat bastard, we kicked him out and he's come back for more, um, [sigh], I don't know, I don't know who all these goddamn representatives are, like, uh, Jared Golden, thought he was pretty cool, apparently he's done some bad stuff. Eric Brakey is a silly, silly man, but I love the silliness but he might actually do something stupid, like, he's normally very stupid, but he might do something fucking idiotic [20:56] like they're trying to get rid of gay marriage or something? Um, abortion, yeah. Dog! Dog! Doooooog! Why don't people do what they wanna do. Like, shit's a bundle of cells. Who gives a shit. That's my opinion on the matter. Um, [sigh], I've been listening to various metal, non-metal music. I've gotta get my laptop set up to draw again, but my digitizer is broken because I dropped my laptop so I need to get a new screen, I think uh, I think an eBay auction I'm in I'm gonna win, so, that'll get me another screen and I can just drop it in. Um, that's good. [20:57] Uh, let's see what else, I don't know, that's pretty much how things are going right now. This is a cool voice journal entry. Not much to it. Um, it's late right now, it's like nine, eight or nine P.M., yeah, 2100 hours. Almost onto that. Oh, ambulance. I thought ambulances used their sirens at night. Well apparently they don't, they just put their flashers on, I always wondered about that. I don't think I've ever seen an ambulance at night before. No, I have, um. [20:58] [redacted] heh, like the Kate Bush song. Um, I don't really know why Kate Bush is popular again, but uh, it's pretty cool. Kate Bush is really cool. [20:59] Um, let's see. [sniff] I should - I should give my thoughts on various things. Um, smoking is cool, but, like, I'm trying not to smoke because it always makes me break out. I get, like, a shit ton of acne, whenever I smoke a cigarette. Um, but, it is nice, it's something to do. I don't know, I think all those people who are like "oh no, don't smoke cigarettes, they're, they're incredibly dangerous, they're gonna kill us all", like, dawg, you can have one or two cigarettes, and you'll survive. Um, I had like one cigarette, and I was like yeah, this is pretty cool, but it's - it's a really expensive hobby. [21:00] [redacted] but uh, marijuana sounds interesting. Alcohol, boring, only losers drink, I lose respect for people pretty fast when they start drinking, like dude, chill out, like, alcohol is just kinda a turn-off in general. [horns blaring] What's something heavier? Oh damn. [21:01] Um, methamphetamine, um, I dunno, seems pretty cool, I watched the entirety of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, which recently ended, um, and judging by that I would say meth seems like something that someone could do, and it would probably mess them up a little bit, but I dunno, um, [sigh], I dunno, I don't really judge people who go for hard stuff, like, you know, if you wanna try- if you wanna try something, if you wanna party, it's cool. It's good to wanna try new things. [sigh] [redacted] Alright I'm done transcribing this shit. <^>
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