ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2022-08-31 And now, something completely different I have done much between today and last time I wrote a blah post (blah, blah blah) but I don't care to talk about any of it so I'm gonna talk instead about something else I did between today and last time I wrote a blah post (blah blah, blah) which is migrate away from GitHub Pages (Neocities made by Capitalists) to Sourcehut Pages (catchphrase: "Don't be evil, yet"). GitHub has been taken prisoner by Microsoft (Uber for software vulnerabilities) and is now siphoning off user data to feed the ravenous monster that is GitHub CoPilot (Uber for copyright violations). In the meanwhile I am compulsively making parenthetical statements (I am being held at gunpoint). GitHub's interface is somewhere between Facebook and Microsoft Windows 1998 in that it's entirely useable but if you try to do what you actually want to do it'll fight you the whole way. This is totally awesome if you're a masochist but meant I had to verify with a phone number out in the middle of nowhere where there's barely any cell service in order to delete my migrated repositories ergo I had to stand in the middle of a field waving my cell phone around like a crazed millenial who needs to capture this memory in order to shove it into the eyes of whoever made the mistake of following them on Instagram. In the meanwhile I am also compulsively making run-on sentences (and parenthetical statements). I remember back when "two factor authentication" was your username (different on every platform; depends on mood at registration) and your password (the same everywhere, usually "lolcatz420"). Now usually the username and password are the same on everything which makes breaking into my friends' Instagram accounts to delete the pictures with myself in them a lot easier but you need to verify this all with cell phones which makes me very frustrated when I'm in the middle of a field stealing Circle K's WiFi. Not to mention I have to type in the whole repository name (try typing `devenblake/my_awesome_homepage` in direct sunlight on the first try without making a mistake) in order to say yes, truly, I want to delete this thing, like it thinks I'm some sad drunkard who's about to eat a bullet because I bet my life savings on a failed axe throwing tournament (no, actually I'm just making parenthetical statements). SourceHut's interface in comparison is much more spartan. I prefer it because it makes it harder for people to find my stuff (I hate it when people find my stuff) but people trying to find my stuff say they don't like it. However the build system is awesome. I can just put `.build.yml` in my git repository and it runs whatever commands I want before gzipping the site and deploying it to SourceHut Pages. With this newfound "standard practice for web hosting" I'm slowly rewriting all the pages on this site in m4 to try to ease up on repeated code. So far the m4 generation is pretty good and looks identical to when I hand-typed everything (my index.html was 15KB and I wrote every byte!). I've toyed around with site generation before but on GitHub I couldn't have any sort of build process except on my own machine (manually) and I vomit whenever I'm forced to run JavaScript to load a page. I've defenestrated (my Latin teacher taught me that word) four computers so far and unfortunately this latest trend of shitty "corporate [soulless] minimalism" is threatening computer number five. m4 is nice, the build system is nice, everything's in Makefile (as it should be) so things are all nice and UNIXy and everyone's happy (everyone that matters, at least, which is a set that includes only me). Life is good. Except I can't get cell signal and I need to call my bookie because on MDMA I had a vision that the Seahawks win the World Series. Of course, I've never done MDMA. This was just that wild of a hallucination so it certainly will come true. This site is HTTP/S (Uber for encryption) now because SourceHut demands it and I got rid of / (Uber for `rm -rf /`) because Drew DeVault said I can't have it on my site. [11:18] trinity: is against the ToS? it does an rm -r /* [11:18] trinity: it's a catch to see who will blindly curl http://whatever | sudo sh [11:19] trinity: i suppose if i have to ask then probably... [11:20] ddevault: yeah that's not nice [11:20] ddevault: please remove it Which is fine. curl | sudo sh for a surprise (your system will survive, or this site will promptly go off-line). I don't have anything else to write. This month was hell! <^>
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