ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	O, posts unwritten

	I didn't get to finish the other day's blog post because I got busy. To
be continued!

	A million schizophrenic moths, a thousand cognitoviral flames.
Immolation imminent.

	I'm out of isolation as of yesterday. I still have very mild symptoms
but the CDC says I'm okay to be among the other humans so long as I wear a
mask, which I have been doing.


	Now, drug the stricken

	Yesterday I said something along the lines of "oh, I wish drug
companies weren't so secretive about how everything was made" though with a bit
more detail of why I wished that and how I understood things to be. My
understanding was wrong!
		^ Here's how to make acetaminophen.


	Noun doth the Wickedness

	Today I'm not doing much of anything. I may install NetBSD on an X300 I
have kicking around for a friend, and I may upgrade my NetBSD on my X200 Tablet
to the latest binary build, and I may clean a little - hopefully I clean more
than a little, actually - but that's about it.
	Day #3 since testing positive with COVID-19. I'm still very fortunate
to not have any serious symptoms. My temperature usually sits around 96.9F to
97.5F or so. I always figured the normal temperature was 96-97 but according to
WebMD (a very reliable source, I know) the rule of thumb created by "a German
doctor in the 19th century" (which is the level of detail I've come to expect
from such a reputable source as WebMD) is 98.6F which seems high.
	Healthline (another reputable source) says the doctor was Carl
Wunderlich and hyperlinked an actual study from 2019; Normal Body Temperature:
A Systematic Review authored by Ivayla I Geneva, Brian Cuzzo, Tasaduq Fazili,
and Waleed Javaid, which is not only readable by Normal Human Beings but has
loads more and better researched information than what I could describe here.
I encorage anybody interested in the history of our understanding of fever to
read that article, with the following DOI:
	Anyway, my internal body temperature is usually 36 degrees centigrade,
sometimes up to a degree higher. Geneva et alia concluded the average to be
in the 36-37 ballpark which means I'm just about normal. Of course, because
I've known about my body temperature being slightly cold for a while now, and
because it's such a small difference, and because I have no relevant health
issues, it's very obvious that my being somewhat colder than normal is
completely fine. But now I know it's not even worth bringing up as party
chatter. Oh well!

	The more I learn about NetBSD, the more I like NetBSD. This also goes
for possums and my friend Noah. The more I learn about Wayland, the more I
dislike Wayland. This also goes for Crissy Teigan and Firefox.


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