ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;



	Dangerous ideas

	Perhaps the homelessness problem in the United States would be taken
care of if any domicile not occupied were given to someone who wasn't
previously occupying a domicile. Is it so bad to force a child to share toys
with which they never play?
	A mowed lawn resembles a soldier's buzz cut hair. Fine, but I wouldn't
want to date an army man. I would prefer to let the lawn-spiders, the bees and
milkweed, and the butterflies and things like that have a home.
	I deleted my /politics page because I learned people actually read it.
Though it loosely reflects my current beliefs, enough that I'm not embarrassed
by it, I'm uncomfortable at the thought of anyone actually caring about what I
believe. Here are the good bits from it:

	I don't hold public office. Don't fret about my beliefs, they probably
		won't ever affect you.


	I tried to swap from YouTube to this site back in 2019(? maybe 2020).
		The site administration has let it get infested with right-wing
		puppets and various other muck. Plus all my favorite channels
		left. So I can't really recommend it. Looks like everyone's
		using PeerTube now, my only concern with that is data
		resiliency - can hobbyists keep their instances going with the
		same dependability as YouTube?


    	The milk goes after the cereal into the bowl.
    	Corn flakes aren't that bad, despite their origins.
    	Cereal with coffee instead of milk is pretty good.
    	Soggy cereal beats out freshly poured cereal most of the time.
		Exceptions are maybe Cocoa Pebbles and Cheerios. Life cereal is
		especially good soggy.
    	The last powdery bits of the cereal are much better than the initial
		big bits. A lot of that powder is sugar and it sweetens the
    	Bag cereal is just as good as box cereal. Taste-wise they're identical
		and they're about the same effort to pour because the boxes
		have bags in them too. The only con to bagged is that a greater
		amount of cereals are boxed (e.g. there are no off-brand
		Wheaties where I am) and boxes have cool puzzles on the back
		(though now that I'm not a wee lass I do have a cellphone on
		which I play Konami Picross instead). 


	If you're unaffected by a slur you probably shouldn't use it, even in
		an educational or non-hateful context.
	There are some words I'd now consider hateful I used to use without
	Personally I don't use hateful language because I don't think it's
		justifiable. However, if you're okay with offending people,
		consider this - you cannot grow in your understanding of the
		world if you don't communicate with people with whom you
		disagree. You're really going to prioritize hateful speech over
		self development?
	If you go on my platform and say things with which I disagree, I should
		not have to host your opinions.

	Most of my regrets involving political speech involve saying either too
little or too much, which is nice, because at least I didn't support some
stupendously awful cause that ended up killing everyone or something. Maybe
right now I am doing that without realizing, but I hope not.


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