ideas with no tangibility;
ideas with irrelevant supports;
ideas without value;
ideas' witlessness;
ideas' witnesses;

2022-06-20 : Some thinks I've been thinging about The world would be a more interesting place if any biologists or researchers focusing on transmissable diseases took a look at Internet memes or "fake news" (cognitoviruses). If a policy tangibly hurts people it's not a good policy. Whether or not I believe it's good, if something I supported takes food out of a mouth, I was wrong. Humans come before statutes. Nobody's applied the second amendment to the abortion debate. The intent of the founding fathers regarding the second amendment was clearly to allocate for the self-defense of the populace even if it may be to the detriment of an offending party. Does a pregnant individual not have the right to stand their own ground and fend off entities that will do them harm? Plastic is the new lead. Humans shouldn't be drinking animal milk (I drink a lot of chocolate milk, so this is a dig at myself too). Meat is as essential to the culinary arts as sugar, but it's also as essential to human sustenance as sugar. The next "got milk?" will be disseminated through Internet memes. I'm not in favor of banning anything; abortion or firearms. I think a national firearm ban to some extent may be inevitable but I'm not too torn up about it. A bullet doesn't have much practical use beyond taking a life or practicing for it. I want a Nintendo Wii powered through USB-C. A holocaust will happen before 2050. This game of "telephone" that is generational education didn't impress upon this generation the gravity of the Holocaust committed by the Nazis in the 1940s. The Nazis had a fetish for documentation; the next holocaust will be recorded literally in 4K Ultra HD. In a desensitized world, will that even make a difference for the children of 2160? In the information war that will be World War III, who will win - the Americans, who can't tamp down obvious misinformation such as "Pizzagate" or that the COVID-19 vaccines have microchips, or the Russians, who manufactured these rumors? "Americans" and "Russians" here are not literal names. To me it's conceivable that gender nonconforming and non-heterosexual individuals would be targeted as scapegoats for a future manufactured "struggle" in the same way the Nazis chose Jews to be the primary scapegoats for "degeneration". Outliers are routinely paraded as examples of the queer community by those who wish to discredit it. External parties try to break the LGBT+ umbrella into the "LGB and others" or "lesbians and gays, but not bisexuals". The latter for acceptance (exceptance?) from those who conduct the former. All wins temporary at best. <^>
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